In 1339 the Mallorcan navigator Angelino Dulcert, in the Planisferio de Angelino Dulcert, referred to the island as “Forte Ventura”. Another theory is that the island’s name derives from “Fortunatae Insulae” (Fortunate...

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The 1st Eco experiences Festival aims to get to know in-depth the reality of Fuerteventura as a tourist island. It promotes its interior, recognizes its riches, and encourages entrepreneurs with the right tools for their new sustainable projects. There will be a series of presentations and activities, which will lead many companies and people to become aware of the new concept of business life.

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The documentary "Domingo Colorao: The Best Timplist in History with La Familia Carbalho" premieres today on the Youtube channel of the Fuerteventura Times. The documentary is part of the Fuerteventura Times miniseries to promote the culture, tradition and history of Fuerteventura, which is one of the main objectives of the digital magazine.

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