Get inspired with our podcasts of the season "Lockdown Companion"  with Maria Meisl & "Love in The Times of A Pandemic" with Akanksha Krishnani


Fuerteventura Times Technology simplifies complex tech advancements with understandable concepts & tools that help entrepreneurs in business innovation.

Dots and unredable informations flying on screan
Algorithmic bias is human-made; hence it can also be solved by us. Since AI can help expose the hidden truth in faulty data sets, it helps the people developing these technologies to understand the errors better if not quicker. Observing ethically questionable whirlpools in data can help us rectify our process and shift our focus into a more balanced manner of developing algorithms. Read More


Fuerteventura Times Consciousness offers tools, perspectives, and meditations to enable self-evolution and collective & environmental wellbeing.

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Emotional Avalanche is a weekly article series where we explore human feelings and expression by examining each emotion in-depth, giving you hypothetical situations, to ponder on your decisions, reactions or the lack of it in a given moment. Read More


Fuerteventura Times Business brings you powerful insights and original perspectives to run a company, community, or country.

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With remote working slowly replacing the traditional office commute, and a large number of companies being taken by surprise at the benefits of distance working, who are the people who will literally "go to work" in the future? Read More
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A disruption-in-invention is something that can evoke progressive change by ensuring the benefit of all stakeholders involved in a way that is breakthrough in thought, structure, and impact, that “disrupts” the usual norm in a cost-effective, innovative and peaceful way for the benefit of all. Read More


Man in the air above the sports team in the stadium
A look into the strategy of the legendary manager- Zinedine Zidane, who claims 11 titles this season with Real Madrid´s La Liga victory summing to 3 Champions League, 2 World Cups, 2 European Super Cups, 2 La Ligas, and 2 Spanish Super Cups. Read More


Fuerteventura Times Artistry is a mecca for wildness, aesthetics, and all forms of creative expression.

Listen to the Inspiring Podcast "Lockdown Companion"

An heartwarming podcast by Fuerteventura Times where host Maria Meisl speaks to people in different corners of the world about their hopes, fears, beliefs and experiences had during the global lockdown.

text "We are dependent on each other thinking for each other. Episode 05, Germany" Woman in brown coat in gray circre
"We are dependent on each other thinking for each other" was one of Joana's learnings during this challenging phase. In this episode, we will talk about the situation in Germany and Joana´s personal thoughts on how everything was handled. She opens a new perspective on the situation and shares about what inspired her during this phase. Read More

A critically appreciated musical narration, "Love in The Times of A Pandemic" is a Fuerteventura Times Podcast hosted by sound artist Akanksha Krishnani, taking us through a compilation of stories of love, isolation and togetherness experienced by people from around the world during the 2020 lockdown.

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