34th International Kitefest Fuerteventura Edition

The International Kite Festival in Fuerteventura has been gathering crowds of people of all ages every year since 1987. They collected many participants who wished to fly their kites in the Natural Park of the Corralejo Dunes. A real spectacle of 3 days, full of workshops, parades and, ecological awareness, involving all the public who attended the festival.

It started on the 11th of November, opening in the beautiful village of El Cotillo, continuing on the 12th, 13th, and 14th on the beaches of Corralejo. A mixture of good weather, crystal clear waters, and the incredible landscape of the Corralejo Dunes. In the activities developed during the event, it is worth mentioning “Limpiaventura,” which set the workshop “Beach Cleaning,” helping and raising awareness of the people who came with the collection of waste from our beaches, showing a better world for everyone.

The kite-making workshops of ‘Torbellino y Ventolera,’ a new practice for the public; many people participated in this beautiful workshop, even finishing with the same inscriptions. “The sea is measured by waves, the sky of Fuerteventura by kites in the sky.”

Without forgetting the rhythm of the music that accompanied the festival, the batucada “Timbaye” delighted us with a parade along the beaches and all the old town throughout the day in Corralejo. But they didn’t go alone, but with an impressive three-headed dragon! Furthermore, “Artistas del Gremio,” one of the best charangas in Corralejo. one of the best charangas, will be dancing and having fun, interacting with the audience. And, of course, there will be inflatable castles for the youngest members of the family. A weekend full of smiles and illusions!



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