Antonio Hormiga Reveals Uncomfortable Truths for the Politicians of Fuerteventura

Madrid, January 30, 2024 – During the 44th edition of Fitur at IFEMA Madrid, Antonio Hormiga, President of ASOFUER (Association of Entrepreneurs of Fuerteventura), spared no words in expressing his opinions on the current situation and challenges facing Fuerteventura.

From the outset, Hormiga highlighted the positive impression of Fitur and shared his optimism for the island’s future tourism. A good winter and promising summer are expected, driven by the growing global situation predicting a significant influx of visitors to the Canary Islands. However, the president did not mince words in pointing out the overwhelming presence of politicians at the event. “What I have said and continue to say is that we need to clean the house,” stated Hormiga. He criticized the lack of efficient public transport, confusion at bus stops, and advocated for the need to clean beaches and improve the island’s infrastructure.

Hormiga challenged politicians to address real issues and leave superficial political matters behind. “Politicians only want to hear political things,” he commented.

Under the inspiring slogan “Fuerteventura, an island of emotions, dare to live the experience,” the President of the Cabildo, Lola García, enthusiastically inaugurated the presentation of Fuerteventura at FITUR Madrid 2024. She highlighted the successful achievements of 2023 and the promising prospects for the current year. Hormiga emphasized the need not only to promote the island brilliantly but also to ensure that services live up to the promotion. For him, it is crucial that marketing efforts are backed by infrastructure and services that meet visitor expectations.

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Regarding Fuerteventura’s goals at this edition of Fitur, Hormiga explained that the island seeks contracts with operators, increasing plane seats, attracting more tourists, and diversifying the visitor base. Specifically, he focused on strengthening Spanish tourism, highlighting the improvement in flight offerings from Madrid and the competition that has led to lower prices.

The president concluded by pointing out the growth of networks and airport infrastructure, predicting a “fantastic” future for Fuerteventura.

Antonio Hormiga - The Unyielding Voice of Entrepreneurs

Antonio Hormiga has earned a reputation as the unwavering voice of local entrepreneurs, tirelessly advocating for the well-being of his community. Renowned for his commitment to addressing genuine concerns of both businesses and residents, Hormiga has become an unwavering advocate for sustainable growth and prosperity in Fuerteventura. His dedication to fostering an environment conducive to the success of local businesses makes him a key figure in championing the interests of the community, solidifying his role as a leader advocating entrepreneurial spirit and economic vitality on the island.

In conclusion, the revealing interview with Antonio Hormiga during the 44th edition of Fitur provides valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities facing Fuerteventura in the tourism sector. His direct and passionate comments underscore the need for decisive action to address the fundamental issues affecting tourism and the island’s infrastructure. Antonio Hormiga, as president of ASOFUER, remains an influential and respected figure, consistently driving dialogue on how to improve service quality and maintain the island’s appeal. Stay tuned for the impactful revelations and reflections of this committed business leader. Subscribe to Fuerteventura Times to stay informed about more news and impactful events affecting our beloved island. Get informed with the best!