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Art Throng : Making Home Design Accessible in the Canaries

There is  beauty all around us. But do we all see it? Yes and no .Some people see it easily some need to be inspired ,some need to be guided some need to be evoked  some need to be shaken, some need to be mistaken. Beauty is everywhere but can you see it?  Can you appreciate it?We keep looking for beauty all our life, but when we do find it do we recognise it ? Do we appreciate it? Do we keep it ?  Beauty is everywhere but can you see it? 

Art- throng .com making beauty accessible .

Art Throng Interiors are for every kind of home that you desire. They work with the best Interior Designers of Europe to make your home a cultural, tasteful, arty and safe haven. Browse and Book looks for your house. Moreover, Art Throng artworks – of our different artists come along with each look. Browse and book looks for each corner of your house. Be it minimal, contemporary, modern, Nordic or meditarranean.


As Juan Montoya said, ‘ A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.’

The Art Throng team is based in Fuerteventura, with a global approach and a diverse set of experts revolutionizing the sector .

The Journey to design dream homes. We realised how fragmented the industry was and how factors like identifying the right professionals, coordination of tasks, and ensuring fair price and quality were pain points faced by many.

Determined to fix this and offer a happier experience to homeowners, we have built a much-needed bridge for the industry. Art Throng is now a complete home interior design and renovation platform for homeowners in Spain.

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art throng poster



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