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Artist Tony Gomez speaks about their participation at the Corralejo Open House Art Weekend

The Corralejo Open House Art Weekend takes place this 16th & 17th of October 2021, at the Galera Beach Boutique Art Villas at Corralejo beachfront. In two days, visitors will be able to witness artworks of various artists from the world over for the very first time in Fuerteventura. Over 60 artworks arrived recently on the island for this art weekend with the association with Lanzarote Art Gallery and Art-Throng. One of the co-founders of the event, local experience entrepreneur Santiago Hormiga receives Tony Gomez at the location and gives us a sneak peek into what is about to come.

Born in Madrid, Tony considers herself a citizen of the world. She grew up in Germany and has been living in Fuerteventura for 10 years, where she has found her great inspiration in the wild landscapes characteristic of this great Island. Ever since her childhood she spend all the summers in a small town on the Costa del Azahar – Peñiscola -, with which she fell in love at first sight and where she really discovered the world of art.

The walks through the bohemian streets of the old town and its art galleries took her to a world where she lost herself dreaming of being able to one day have a studio where she could spend long hours giving free rein to her imagination.

All her life she has had a pencil in her hand to leave her mark wherever she went but it is really in Fuerteventura where she finds her inspiration. The wild coasts of volcanic rock and white and golden sand are her great passion for capturing infinite landscapes full of texture, relief, and unique colors, characteristic of her works.

“I spend endless hours perfecting what I do and acquiring the skills to become an expert and recognized person in this world. I never lost the desire to learn and, even now, I continue to perfect my technique with each new challenge “

“I spend every free minute trying new techniques with textures or reliefs to recreate landscapes or nature motifs. The sea, its constantly changing colors, the lava coasts, the immense beaches that surround Fuerteventura are my inspiration.

“I use natural materials such as sand and volcanic stone to give relief to my works and recreate these incredible landscapes”

“I would like those people who see my works to feel the coolness of the water on their skin, to perceive the calm or the wildness of the sea, to even be able to smell and hear it”

Tony Gomez will be present at the Corralejo open House Art Weekend. Will you?

Tony Gomez



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