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Love in Times of a Pandemic- A musical podcast of lockdown love stories by Akanksha Krishnani

A musical narration of love stories during a global lockdown

A musical narration of love stories from around the world, during a global lockdown

Love in Times of a Pandemic is a weekly podcast by Fuerteventura Times airing every Saturday night, May 2020 onwards, where the sound artist and writer Akanksha Krishnani takes us through a musical storytelling experience narrating memoirs of falling in and out of love, of remembering someone when locked down to even rethinking togetherness with those currently homebound.


With the world at pause and the global wave of inner reflections during a lockdown, one of the most underrated and over-marketed human emotions has made its way back into our lives. Love has made its way back into the world. 

In an ode to love and all the complex emotions experienced during this lockdown, Fuerteventura Times brings you a special podcast series to celebrate this much-needed global emotion, with a compelling podcast collaboration with the ultra-talented sound artist- Akanksha Krishnani.

To me, Love in Times of a Pandemic is a gateway to expressing, and expressing even further, all the love that we have perhaps hidden with the fear of being vulnerable to the other. In these unnerving times, now more than ever, we need to reignite those feelings and express everything, every emotion, and let it out to the person we feel that for. I have created this special podcast is with the aim that these stories serve as a temptation for you to write that email, send that text or make that video call to that person you’ve harbored secretly in your thoughts. Time to let them know that” expresses Akanksha. 

Read the Story Transcript of Ep 01- Cozy Attic of Barcelona

Read the Story Transcript of Ep 02- Bar Mezzanotte en Rome

Read the Story Transcript pf Ep 03- Surfing My Desire in Fuerteventura

For decades Fuerteventura has been the mecca for the birth of many love stories. With travelers from around the world visiting this land of eternal sunshine- some for surfing, some for its enigmatic ocean, some for its eternal sun, and many for love.

Being a global hot spot for meeting interesting and curious people who prefer experiences over things, Fuerteventura has converted many passing travelers into permanent residents who decided to stay back for love. In the celebration of the real love stories that this special island has been a catalyst for, Fuerteventura Times´s podcast Love in The Times of A Pandemic is an anacreontic to the love that continues to erupt within the volcanic landscapes of this magical place.

Love in Times of a Pandemic with Akanksha Krishnani will stream every Saturday Night, 19.00 h G.M.T on iTunes, Spotify & Google Podcasts  

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“Lockdown Companion” in Romania
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