The Other Winter's advertising campaign in London

Canary Islands Tourism Shines at Global Awards, Winning 6 Prestigious Prizes for Innovative Campaigns

The Other Winter's advertising campaign in London

 The Other Winter” emerged as the most celebrated campaign, earning the Platinum awardin the Innovative Marketing category. The jury praised its ability to create and implementinnovative actions that effectively connected with the audience and attracted new customers to the Canary Islands tourism experience.

Launched in October 2021, “The Other Winter” played a crucial role in revitalizing European tourism after the pandemic. The campaign personalized strategies across 16 markets, successfully attracting over 2.5 million visitors to the islands. Utilizing real-time advertising and fostering emotional engagement with the Canary Islands brand, the campaign showcased the region’s appeal through technology-driven approaches.

In addition to the Platinum award, “The Other Winter” also won Gold in the Advertising Campaign category, with the jury commending its clear objectives, exceptional creativity and compelling content. It secured the First Prize in the Integrated Campaign category, recognizing its consistent brand messaging and omni-channel approach. The campaign received Silver in the International Campaign category for increasing brand awareness, customer engagement and delivering impressive results within budget. Furthermore, it earned another Silver award in the Out of Home category for its originality and outstanding performance in outdoor advertising.

Canary Islands brand takes six prizes at The Travel Marketing Awards 2023

Launched in 2022, this international campaign aimed to attract remote workers by highlighting the diverse range of experiences and options available in the Canary Islands after a day of remote work. The eye-catching campaign, featured on giant screens in Londo nand Berlin and showcased in Madrid’s bustling Plaza Callao, targeted long-stay tourists in 12 countries.

Two other Canary Islands campaigns, “The Islands of Extraordinary People” and “A Commitment to the Future,” were finalists at these prestigious awards.The Creative Concept and Why Canary Islands Are Best for Winter:

The creative concept of “The Other Winter” revolves around the region’s most appealing aspect during the winterseason–the weather. At a time when potential tourists seek respite from the cold and yearn for well-known destinations to escape their routines, the campaign skilfully highlights the Canary Islands’ exceptional climate. Instead of dwelling on the challenges of the pandemic, the campaign focuses on providing quality moments and showcasing the region’s  beautiful beaches, where visitors can enjoy great weather while the rest of Europe experiences colder temperatures.

The interactive outdoor campaign cleverly presents the weather forecast of the city where the advertisement is displayed, comparing the local conditions with the inviting winter weather in the Canary Islands. If it’s raining in the viewer’s location, the ad showcases “the other rain,” featuring swimmers enjoying a refreshing dip in the sea. Likewise, when temperatures drop, the ad presents an ice cream against the backdrop of a sunny beach, illustrating “the other cold.”

Running until December 15th across 14 European countries, “The Other Winter” campaign captures the attention of potential visitors and invites them to experience the warmth and natural beauty of the Canary Islands during the winter months.

Reasons to Choose the Canary Islands for Winter: Beyond its award-winning campaigns, the Canary Islands offer compelling reasons to choose them as a winter destination. Within creased air connectivity and improved travel intentions, the region has witnessed significant growth in airline capacity. Airlines have scheduled around 7,860,000 seats from November to March, representing a 660,000-seat increase compared to pre-pandemiclevels. The Canary Islands now boast connections to 140 destinations, with winter aircapacity 9.2% higher than before the pandemic. 

According to the European Travel Commission’s latest report, travel intentions have increased by 15 points, reaching 68%. The percentage of people refraining from travel dueto the pandemic has decreased to 16%. Additionally, 53% of Europeans plan to visit another EU country, with 38% seeking sun and beach holidays and 13% desiring destinations with nature and outdoor activities—both of which the Canary Islands offer abundantly during the winter season. Travelers also have a higher travel budget, with an average of €595 more to spend on their holidays compared to pre-pandemic times.


The Canary Islands’ triumph at The Travel Marketing Awards reflects the region’s innovative and successful tourism campaigns. With “The Other Winter” and “AfterTeleWork,” the Canary Islands have demonstrated their ability to connect with diversetarget audiences, attracting millions of visitors to experience the unique offerings of these sun-kissed islands. As winter descends upon Europe, the Canary Islands stand as an alluring escape, providing ideal weather conditions, breathtaking landscapes and an array of unforgettable experiences. Embark on a journey to the Canary Islands this winter and discover the perfect destination to embrace warmth, adventure, and relaxation amidst unparalleled natural beauty.



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