Book with text "She the Island A novel about Fuerteventura Irina Papancheva" with person surfing in the background
Two men and two woman
Two adults, three kids and cat sitting
From the USA to India, Spain to the Netherlands, Romania to Germany, Belgium to France, Australia to Panama, Nicaragua to Nigeria, Maria engrosses listeners as guests open up on all the good, the bad, the fears and the hopes they have felt in this massive pause caused by the COVID19 pandemic across the world. Read More
A man walking on a rock in a canyon
Painting of man

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A woman with VR goggles on her head is moving her arms
Three persons with "Start" and "Log in" buttons on bottom with geometrical figures 'loading' on the middle
Two people diving in the ocean
World Oceans Day is an initiative by the Unesco calling upon citizens of the world to pledge to improve 30% of our oceans by 2030. The theme of this year has been called "30x30" which focuses on safeguarding and preserving at least 30% of our land and ocean through a series of pledges. Read More