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What is an Emotional Avalanche?

Your Weekly Emotion Check

A mountain of feelings. Perhaps, a pinnacle of emotions. A bit of both I’d say. It’s hard, taxing even when you feel too much but don’t even know that you are feeling. That’s normal. When you can’t recognize the feeling that you are feeling, how will you know how to make yourself feel better. 

In the times that we are living in, it’s necessary for us to check-in within and outside with those around us. That’s when feeling wheels come in real handy.

The Feeling Wheel is a tool that serves as a bridge between our feelings and the real expression of them. Words can be limited to describing or expressing one´s experience and not truly communicate the inherent feelings. The Feeling Wheel helps us examine those unexpressed emotions that perhaps could not find the right words to be expressed, and were, therefore, left unexamined.

With this segment of Emotional Avalanche, we´ll be understanding The Feeling Wheel in detail, examining each emotion in-depth and giving you hypothetical situations, that make you ponder on your decision, your true feeling or reaction in that moment, or the lack of it.

The wheel has six core feelings: mad, scared, joyful, powerful, peaceful, and sad. A secondary ring of words helps narrow those feelings down. A third, outer ring gets even more specific. In all, there are 72 adjectives to link to your feelings.

All our senses are connected; it stems from the predominant six emotions of being Sad, Mad, Peaceful, Powerful, Scared, and Joyful. If you look at these six emotions and go further down the wheel, from each branch, you will identify more feelings springing from the same wheel, the same color. 

Let’s do a five-minute exercise.

When you have written those feelings down, I want you to go deeper and think about all the thoughts, situations, or even people that made you feel that way. If it’s an imposing emotion, and it; doesn’t make you feel good, accept it, admit it, and let it go. Just like that release it, and forgive it and forgive yourself or the surroundings that made you feel that way. This five- minute emotion check goes a long way.

Be kind to what you are feeling, and be faithful to your emotions, a daily emotion check is when you check on precisely what you are feeling, talk to and resolve it if you many but don’t let it just sit there inside of you. If you don’t know what you are feeling, refer to the feeling wheel and make it works its magic of associating a feeling to your trigger or circumstance or person.

Curious to explore your feelings wheel?

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Text "hope, feelings, emotions, love" with circle with animated triangles in diffrent colors
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