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Corralejo by The Day: 10 Local Bars You Will Love

Corralejo- the bustling, charming, free-spirited town in the north of Fuerteventura is the epicenter of sunlight, good vibes, and lots of places to eat. Known for its natural park and the golden sand dunes, this town has been attracting a lot of digital nomads, solo travelers, and young families who are traveling to the island to take a break for months of stay or simply strolling by for a week of surf. The changing dynamics of global travelers have changed the local gastronomy scene. Cooler bars, hepper restaurants, innovative menus, funky cocktails, contemporary design, and a ton of local warmth of the people have defined the evolving gastronomy scene of this surfer town. In the Fuerteventura Times section of Gastronomy, we bring you some of the best picks of local bars, food experiences, and hidden places to discover to quench your thirst for great food, sumptuous cocktails, and authentic local experience.

In this article, we summarize the local hidden gems where you can start your Corralejo culinary and drinks experience right in the morning. When in Corralejo, make the most of the island´s sparkling sunshine and step out early to embark on an adventure of tapas, cocktails, and a fascinating visual experience.

In my opinion, the best way to explore Corralejo is to start at its seaside promenade and music square, where you can find a lot of local restaurants, food joints, open terrace cafes, and cocktail bars buzzing with energy and people from varied nationalities around the world. The scene on the main street opens up breakfast onwards and you can see many locals, travelers, remote workers, surfers sitting in restaurants eating, drinking, connecting with the island´s vibe and amongst each other. I have realized this is one of the best places to meet new people.

Walking through all the restaurants and taking pictures of all of them, I´ve met many positive, welcoming people. It’s indeed truly pleasant seeing happy and cheerful faces especially with the locals making you feel comfortable and part of their environment. They always treat you well and smile at you.

When you go along, you can see a lot of people skateboarding, biking, bustling, greeting each other from across the streets. Musicians singing, travelers dancing, everyone drinking – having fun.

Mojito Bar- Cocktails, Conversations, and Sea Views

Start your mornings in Corralejo by walking across the beachside promenade and a fresh mojito at guess where? Mojito Bar Corralejo. A cute hidden gem with the best selection of mojitos and local tapas. In spite of being on the front line of the Atlantic ocean with spectacular views of the Lobos island, the bar maintains affordable pricing and high quality of its products, and exceptional staff service. Try their delicious jug of Sangria which comes at a value deal with two local tapas of the day for a mere €14.

Photo of Cocktail and sitting people

Photo of restaurant Inside
Photo of restaurant and sitting people
Photo of drinks

Uga Uga – Innovative All Day Cuisine, Asian Inspiration & Cocktails

Walk further and stop by at the recent new additions and nomads’ favorite- ¨Uga Uga¨. With one of the best spots on the seaside, besides the views, you can enjoy the creative cuisine inspired by different parts of the world. What´s really cool is that their breakfast has traces of south American flavors while their tapas are hugely inspired by Asian roots and spices. So in case you are missing your Asian travel experiences while in Fuerteventura, give Uga Uga a sure visit. It will indulge you in a culinary experience with one of the most calming views in Corralejo. It surely is one of my favorite places to come alone. If you drop by for breakfast or brunch, do try their Bandeja Paisana- a Colombian breakfast that is sure to set you on for an energetic day of exploring Fuerte. Have a look at their menu below.

Photo of restaurant and sitting people
Photo of restaurant inside and sitting people
Digital Nomads Love Uga Uga
Sea side restaurant with outdoor seating and sea views in Corralejo in Fuerteventura
Sea Views by Uga Uga
Restaurant Menu
Restaurant menu

Gilda Casa de Pinchos– Best for Tapas, Tortillas and Vermouth

The next place I would recommend you to stop by is a minute walk away. Gilda Casa de Pinchos y Tapas – a place that is frequented by local surfers and lovers of the island who have moved and resided here for years. The restaurant opens at 11 AM, usually with the crowd sipping early on their wide collection of vermouth. What´s really enticing about this lovely little gem is its variety of tapas made with fresh products and the warmth of its staff. People who work in Gilda are surely very comforting and welcoming and have this local touch of hospitality that is worth appreciating. No wonder I have heard that people keep coming here for years and years every weekend.

Photo of tapas

Photo of restaurant
Photo of restaurant inside
Kitchen view of local tapas and vermouth of Gilda Casa de Tapas bar in Corralejo in Fuerteventura
Gilda Casa de Pinchos

El Rincon Restobar Argentino– Steaks, Meats & Chorizos

For real meat food lovers, I highly recommend El Rincon Restobar Argentino, which you can reach walking by the harbor of Corralejo. A cute little gem of authentic Argentinian Parilla grill. Head here during the daytime and start with Estrella Galicia and indulge in their chorizos, Argentinian beef burgers, or their bestseller sirloin steak. If you are in for an even more authentic experience, pair your meat with their affordable selection of Argentian wines. Fuerteventura has a huge mix of global nationalities, and this exceptional gastrobar is one such addition to the entrepreneurial legacy of the Argentinian community.

Outdoor terrace with sea views of rustic cocktail bar in Corralejo in Fuerteventura
El Rincon
Patio of the rustic bar named El Rincon Restobar Argentino in Corralejo in Fuerteventura

El Rincon Restobar Argentino
Photo fo sausages
Photo of sausages on BBQ
Wines list

Buena Onda- Innovative Burgers, Beers, and Sea Views

In the same corner of El Rincon, if you walk a little further towards Calle La Niña, you will find one of Corralejo´s local favorite spots- Buena Onda. Meaning good vibes, the place is surely a pandora´s box of surprises. Known for its signature burgers and touted as a place for meeting new people easily, Buena Onda is surely a perfect spot for early afternoon beers and burgers before or after a day of surfing at the beach. The burgers we ate and loved from the bottom of our hearts were “Uluwatu”- a prawn and crab burger with rocket salad, a tinge of kiwi and avocado mousse, and spelled bread laden with Philadelphia cheese and pink sauce; and “Mundaka” which is a roast vegetables burger with watercress, local goat cheese, chef´s special walnut sauce, and shrooms.

Buena Onda has been at the epicenter of surf and music culture in Corralejo and has long organized live music events and gigs at the bar. Look at their Facebook page for updates

People enjoying drinks in outdoor terrace of Buena Onda bar in Corralejo
Outdoor seating with sea views in a bar in Corralejo in Fuerteventura
Photo of People sitting outside restaurant
Restaurant Menu

Citrus Surf Cafe & Restaurant- Tacos, Burritos, Wraps, And Daiquiris

If its too sunny outside and you are looking for a chill surfer bar to start your day with, I highly recommend the classic Corralejo favorite: Citrus Surf Cafe & Restaurant – an all-day bar and restaurant serving some great variety of freshly made wraps, creative salads, tacos, vegan and vegetarian selections. You can recognize Citrus by the light green seats outside and by the banner. Ask for their Big Boy Challenge burger- a 25€ gigantic burger piled up so deliciously that if you finish it in under thirty minutes, you get it free. Under no circumstances forget to try the Marracuya Daiquiris. They are the best on the island in this little secret spot.

Photo of Van
Photo of restaurant Inside
Photo of food
Photo of restaurant

H2O Juice Bar & Vegan Cafe- Smoothies & Healthies

If your mornings are not trying local cocktails, but a healthier, soul-nourishing vibe, give a shot at this marvelous little genius which is an example of beauty in simplicity – H2O Juice Bar & Vegan Cafè. This place is located about 2 minutes walk away from the main street, and has a humble setting that is perfect for a quaint self-care morning. Vegan burgers, cacao bowls, detox smoothies, fresh fruit juices, and lots of warmth by the people who work here. Even if you are not a vegan or vegetarian, I recommend you MUST try this place and get acquainted with new flavors created so magically in this little corner of Corralejo.

H2O Juice Bar
H2O Juice Bar
H2O Juice Bar
H2O Juice Bar

La Rosa Dei Venti

A newly opened place with few months on the beach, this bar and restaurant has been converting into a local favorite for all. Known for their exclusive collection of Italian wines, authentic recipes, and fresh seafood. try their oysters, the prawns, and meat burgers. Whenever we have been there, the staff has always recommended the dishes of the day. Listen to them! and Don´t forget a bottle of wine or two! The views are truly impressive. Highly recommended for mid-day eating or drinks or for romantic sunset dates.

La Rosa dei Venti

La Rosa dei Venti
La Rosa dei Venti
La Rosa dei Venti menu

La Lonja – Corralejo – Fish restaurant

La Lonja is a restaurant specializing in fresh local fish and has an army of staff usually seen dishing out hundreds of paellas and tapas daily. Having priority of receiving fresh fish from local fishermen, given its preference card for winning the bidding tender for the hottest location in Corralejo, the pier where all boats between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura arrive, making the restaurant an enthralling place for not just trying great seafood, but also checking out the vibe of daily new travelers.

La Lonja is open 8 a.m. to 11.45 p.m., ensuring that you can drop by any time of the day and enjoy a sumptuous meal with beautiful views.

La Lonja
La Lonja
La Lonja
La Lonja
La Lonja

Sand Beach Bar & Restaurant- Beachside Newbie

Located right on the beach, where the bustle of all water activities takes place, Sand Beach is a new addition to Fuerteventura´s beachfront restaurant and bars. Serving tapas, innovative cocktails, and specializing in paellas with bomba rice, the staff takes pride in the freshness of the ingredients they use. Try Gambas a la Gabardina and their Vegetarian Tempuras with Palma honey or salmon tartare which has an oomph of freshness on a hot Fuerte day. Fuerteventura Times shot its second episode of Fuerteventura Gourmet Walks at Sand Beach. Take a look at what went down.



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