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In April 2020, when the world went in quarantine, there were layers of perceptions from everyone about how this massive global pause will change everything henceforth. 

Fuerteventura Times decided to catch up with 20 nationalities locked down in different parts of the world and speak to them about their fears, hopes, inspirations, and self evolutions during this period in the hope that exchange of learnings from different parts of the world can demonstrate the common good we all believe.

In this episode of Lockdown Companion, Maria Meisl, the soulful founding member of Fuerteventura Times who has championed this extraordinary podcast, speaks to our Lockdown Companion in BelgiumCaro Van de Looverbosch.

Image by Caro Van de Looverbosch from Belgium for Episode 2 of the Fuerteventura Times podcast “Lockdown Companion
Image by Johanna from Germany for Episode 3 of Fuerteventura Times podcast “Lockdown Companion

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“We asked each guest on the podcast to share a photograph of the view from their window while quarantined. And the results have been moving and inspiring at the same time,” expresses Maria Meisl, the show host.

“It’s like having a photo & audio documentary of the world. With each photo representing the emotions, the silence, the hopes and fears felt by different nationalities we interviewed for Lockdown Companion. With these conversations and images, we aim to bring forward inspiration for a better tomorrow by enabling cross-border views, learning from different perspectives, and exchange of opinions during the quarantine,” added Maria. 

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