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“Lockdown Companion” in Romania

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“There are always two sides of a situation and we can switch our perspective. Look how bright it is” was one of Cristian’s learnings in the times of Covid19. In this episode, we will talk about the situation in Romania and Cristian’s personal experiences which open new perspectives on the current world happenings.

Lockdown Companion Cover - Episode 04 Romania

Lockdown Companion is an inspiring conversational podcast where host Maria Meisl documents experiences of various nationalities during lockdown. Conversations about their situations, hopes, fears, and learnings from the global pandemic that put the world at a collective pause.

What may be the experiences of someone in Spain?

How did someone in Italy deal with the pandemic?

How did someone create an inspiring music video to spread awareness in India?

What happened in Belgium when the Covid19 quarantines were declared?

How did someone in Germany cope with the situation?

Find out in this heartwarming podcast where along with the conversation, each guest shares a photograph of the view from their window during the lockdown giving us an almost artist reflection of their experiences and thinking.

Fuerteventura Times: @fuerteventuratimes
Maria: @koennte.schlimmer.sein

(Conversation recorded on May 08, 2020)

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