Cured Paprika Cheese Maxorata, converted into the best cheese of Spain 2021.

One of the main secrets of Majorero cheese is based on the quality of its milk and its beneficial qualities for health. It is the essential raw material for the production of Canarian goat’s cheese.

The origins of Majorero cheese go back to the pre-Hispanic period, where for centuries goats were the primary source of food for the natives, and its name Majorero comes from the north of the island, where the kingdom known as Maxorata was located before it was conquered.

In the 11th edition of the Campeonato Gourmet Quesos, the event was held in Madrid from the 18th to the 21st of October. This new event brought together more than 800 different types of cheeses, with the very active participation of the whole family of cheese breeders in Spain.

They are winning the victory! Maxorata wins the 1st Prize in the category of Cured Paprika, made in Fuerteventura, combining the oldest artisan techniques with new technologies.

Majorero cheese is considered an indispensable part of Canarian gastronomy. In 1983 Maxorata began to produce artisan cheeses, adding the highest quality with an excellent local product, the Majorero goat’s milk.

Maxorata Grupo Ganadero Fuerteventura S.L. aims to encourage, promote, and develop a commitment to the environment and sustainability. Its added value lies in the Majorera goat breed, the most productive in arid climates and landscapes, preserving the unique texture and flavors of goat’s milk rich in protein.

Goat’s cheese and containing high levels of protein, have a high magnesium and calcium content, improving our bones. It is classified as a probiotic food due to the fermentation process of its milk, benefiting our body with the correct functioning of the intestinal flora, avoiding possible illnesses.

It is produced in the 6 municipalities that are part of the Designation of Origin: Antigua, Betancuria, La Oliva, Pájara, Puerto del Rosario and Tuineje.

It is also marketed both in the Canary Islands and in the rest of Spain. Still, it also has a large market abroad, the list of countries being headed by the United States with 65% of the product that crosses national borders, followed by Canada, Germany, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, and Switzerland.

France is one of the countries that consume the most cheese per year, and thanks to the international cheese fair held in 2020 at the Salon du Fromage, Majorero cheese is already famous.

Remember that there is no better souvenir than to take the flavors of a place in your mind if you travel.

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