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Deseos – Fuerteventura’s Super-App has started Delivery

Deseos is Fuerteventura’s first super app : where they take care of all your daily needs by getting things to your doorstep, beach spot or wherever you are on the island. While also offering experiences where you can get out and explore the beauty of Fuerteventura with other like-minded people.


Welcome to Deseos, Fuerteventura´s Online Delivery & Local Experience App

Order What You Wish For, Sustainably

Immerse yourself in authentic gastronomy flavors, Nourish your body with farm-fresh produce, Support local artisans and their honest crafts, Experience life-changing moments with extraordinary people. Discover secret experiences by the island´s resident hosts.
When in Fuerteventura, live life fully, and, Fulfill your wishes with Deseos.

Amazzzing Venture Capital  and Fuerteventura Startups celebrates the launch of their first application that is now live and ready to download from  the play store and app store named  , ‘Deseos: Eat.Wish.Experience.’ 

Deseos is the first digital start-up in Fuerteventura that helps tourists and residents to order anything they need through their mobile App and receive it anywhere on the island in a short time, without having to travel.It is the ultimate  Super-app for Fuerteventura that fulfils your wishes while you are on the island . Are  you looking for a post surf meal delivered to your home or surf spot ? Or  fresh vegetables and beers for a home cooked meal you fancy making? ‘Whatever is your desire, your wish is our command.’ says the Deseos Team.They deliver to your homes, vacation rentals, and even if you are at the beach, they also deliver to the different Deseos puntos : the beach spots. They come to you, so your daily needs  in Fuerteventura are fully  taken care of.

The problems that they are solving :

For Tourists

Sportsmen & Vegetarians: Sportsmen and vegetarians who have increased post-Covid on the island cannot easily find the food, ingredients or healthy things, dedicated to them, even though the island has a wide variety to offer services and products. Example: Las Playitas.Lack of rental vehicle or driver’s licence when on the island: They cannot visit many restaurants and bars, due to lack of mobility in case they do not drive or have a rental car.Lack of a frequent and timely public transport system on the island: Public transport schedules are not clearly mentioned at many bus stops on the island and the lack of frequency of the transport system makes it difficult for tourists to consume local products within a radius. five kilometres.

Distance between local restaurants, supermarkets and vacation home rentals: Supermarkets and bars are located far from certain apartment complexes and resorts, VV, and carrying jugs of water and walking bags in the heat is also awful.

For Fuerteventura 

There is no logistics system that can help restaurants and other businesses to bring their food, products and services to tourists and residents who live in different parts of the island, thus limiting the sales and growth of their business.If they do, it is limited to one area, or they do not have home delivery service.

Download the app now on App store of Google Play store : Check out “DESEOS Eat. Wish. Experience.” LINK TO DOWNLOAD