Digital Nomads Fuerteventura Podcast: Ep 01- Mindfulness with Svenja Vongt

Digital Nomads Fuerteventura Community has seen a burgeoning rise on the island of Fuerteventura. As we adapt to the post Covid world, our ways of working, places of work and modes of work has also evolved.

Fuerteventura is the paradise of remote working: with its 365 days of sun, warmer weather and the new era of Digitilization  of the island has led to many young professionals and creatives deciding to move to island and work out of paradise.

After two Podcast series of  Lockdown Stories and Love in the Times of a Pandemic , we are proud to present out third podcast : Digital Nomads. 

We are excited to launch  Digital Nomads : The  Podcast, where we invite a Digital Nomad each episode as our guest to speak about their choices, reflections and experiences of working digitally in Fuerteventura.

Our first guest for Digital Nomads : The Podcast is Svenja Vongt.

Svenja is a Yoga teacher, as well as Mindfulness and Career coach based in Fuerteventura. In 2021 she took the decision to leave her role as a project management in tech based out of Dublin behind and to open her own Yoga Studio “Sea Inside” in El Cotillo. She brings knowledge from trainings and her own practice experiences from the areas of Yin Yoga, Breath-Work and Tantric Hatha Yoga into her classes, which make them breath and sensation focused, to allow you to move from your head into your bodies and to connect with your nervous system, your intuition – creating the balance we so often need to our busy, mind-driven lives in the modern society.

Listen to the Digital Nomads Fuerteventura podcast here: 


  • Akansha Krishnani

    Studying Contemporary Art and English Literature then working for different Museums like Museo del Prado, Guild Art gallery, Studio x and many such contemporary art spaces in Madrid and Mumbai . She also represented her galleries at the Delhi Art Fair, Dubai Art Fair, Singapore Art Fair and Dhaka Art Fair. Gradually taking on Sound Performance while working in Rome after which getting selected for the Prestigious Music and Sound Art Residency at Fabrica, Benetton’s Research Lab in Treviso, Italy. Where she worked on original soundtracks for different projects and brands like Bvlgari ,United Nations, UK climate change committee to name a few. She then received another scholarship to study Design and Sound in Rome where she spent three years. Finally founding an Interior hub making Home Design Accessible to everyone. Operating in the canaries & soon in Madrid. Her first fiction book titled, 'Desire' is getting published this year, which will be followed by the TV adaptation of the same.


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