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Discover the Essence of Fuerteventura: A Journey to Verdeaurora Bio Farm

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Nestled in the heart of Fuerteventura lies a haven of tranquility, Verdeaurora Bio Farm. Here, amidst pristine surroundings untouched by pollution, natureflourishes in its purest form. It is a place where tradition and sustainability coexist in perfect harmony, offering a unique opportunity to connect with ourselves and the environment. In this small corner of Fuerteventura, the Mesa family tends to what matters most—our planet—and shares it with those who hold a special place in their hearts.

Origins of the Farm and the Aloe Vera Tradition in Fuerteventura

Verdeaurora Bio Farmtraces its roots back to the 1960s when Antonio Mesa and Pilar Cabrera purchased the landwith a vision of cultivating tomatoes. Prior to their arrival, the islanders predominantly grew cereals and legumes. As the farm transitioned to the hands of their son, Luis Mesa Cabrera ,the tomato business continued to thrive. Luis introduced innovative practices, including the establishment of a green house that stands tall to this day. This ingenious system provided enhanced control over weather conditions, particularly the persistent winds that sweep across the island. In 1997, Luis Mesa and Cloti Méndez transformed the farm into anurturing home for their children, little Luis and Aurora.

Amidst the challenges faced in the early 2000s, such as increased competition from Morocco and issues with local cooperation, the farm temporarily ceased its productive activities. However, in 2008, driven by a passion for agriculture, Luis Mesa embarked on a new venture. He planted 400 olive trees on the estate, marking the beginning of a shift towards a different agricultural focus. Subsequently, Aloe Vera plantations were introduced, and an additional 200 olive trees were added to the landscape.

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Introducing the Mesa Family and the Verdeaurora Experience

Complementing their agricultural endeavors, the Mesa family ventured into rural tourism accommodations, allowing visitors to experience the rich traditions of the island first hand. Casa Tile, established in 2002, was the first accommodation, followed by Casa Pilar and Casa Aurora in 2006. These houses, built in the traditional Majorero style, provide a glimpse into the pastand offer a warm welcome to all who seek an authentic experience immersed in the island’s heritage. 

In 2013, a pivotal moment occurred with the return of Luis Mesa Méndez to Fuerteventura after completing his architecture studies in Madrid.Taking the reins of the family project, Luis united all elements under the name of Verdeaurora. With a strong commitment to ecological principles and environmental care, Luis opened the farm’s doors to those who yearned to explore Fuerteventura’s agricultural traditions.

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Verdeaurora Bio Farm Today

Verdeaurora Bio Farm, now led by the third generation of theMesa family, embodies a youthful spirit deeply connected to the island of Fuerteventura. This passionate team runs the organic family farm with new ideas while honoring their rootsand traditions. Their commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is at the core of their practices.

At Verdeaurora Bio Farm, a day spent in this idyllic setting is an unparalleled experience. Explore every corner of the farm’s organic crops, including Aloe vera, olive trees, fruit trees and permaculture gardens. Learn about the remarkable properties of Aloe vera and witness firsthand its transformation into pure and natural care products. Engage in an olive oil tasting session, savoring the flavors of this precious liquid gold (subject to availability).

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Permaculture. A Harmonious Relationship with Nature

 While at Verdeaurora Bio Farm,you’ll also encounter the principles of permaculture—an integral part of their journey.Permaculture represents a holistic approach to land management and sustainable living. It strives to create regenerative ecosystems that mimic natural patterns, optimizing the use of resources and minimizing waste. Through the implementation of permaculture gardens, the Mesa Méndez family embraces this philosophy, ensuring a sustainable and resilient future for the farm and its surroundings.

Closing Words
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Embark on a transformative adventure at Verdeaurora Bio Farm, where the love for nature, sustainability and the beauty of Fuerteventura intertwine. Immerse yourself in this green oasis, leaving with a renewed sense of appreciation for our planet and its bountiful offerings. As you connect with the Mesa family and their dedication to preserving the island’s traditions, you will witness the remarkable harmony between humanity and nature.

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Discover the essence of Fuerteventura at Verdeaurora Bio Farm—an experience that willawaken your senses, nourish your soul and leave an indelible mark on your heart.