spanish men playing on the guitar

Domingo Colorado – A Documentary on the renowned Timplist by Fuerteventura Times

We are proud to present a new segment of Fuerte  Documentaries produced at Fuerteventura Times. A section where you will get to see, feel, meet and learn about the heart and soul of Fuerteventura through its people.  We are delighted to announce that we will be premiering our first documentary on the 30th of May which also marks the celebrations of Día de Canarias. On this day, we will be premiering on youtube the film we shot about the culture, inspiration, music and life of the one and only – the renowned timpanist whose concerts at Lobos Islands leave every visitor mesmerized : DOMINGO COLORAO.

spanish men playing on the guitar

He began his guitar studies in 1985 in Paris under the guidance of maestro Blas Sánchez, continuing them in Madrid with Jorge Cardoso. During that time, he also trained in intensive courses taught by guitarists such as Abel Carlevaro, Manuel Barrueco and Roland Dyens. After his return to Fuerteventura in 1990, he began to teach folklore and guitar, beginning as a performer in 1992. Since then he has performed, in addition to almost the entire archipelago, in different places on the peninsula and the rest of the world, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Andalusia, Galicia, Cantabria, Valladolid, Germany, Cape Verde, Cuba, USA, France, Italy, Mexico, Uruguay or Venezuela.

Currently, in addition to continuing to give concerts, he is a timple teacher at the Insular School of Music of the Island Council of Fuerteventura and teaches courses throughout the Canary Islands. His method is today, used by several musical academies on the islands.

Produced by Varsha Krishnani, the Editor-in-Chief of Fuerteventura Times and founder of Fuerteventura Startups and now, the film is shot and directed by the cinematographer Andrea Rubbo, who, with his lens, powerfully conveys the history of Fuerteventura, being a Majorero and a lot more.

With the Magnifique Lobos Island as the location, the film shows how one of the world’s most famous timplist of original Fuerteventura, Domingo Colorao started his journey. “The film is truly inspiring as never have we got an insight about the culture of what is being a Majorero, the history of the locals and their origins and stories. Communicating the history and culture of Fuerteventura has been one of our main aims at Fuerteventura Times; therefore, translating this into English to spread awareness about the island’s rich heritage was key. We worked on bringing the digital nomad’s tourism to the island during COVID, and now these people want to learn more than the beaches and buggies. They want to learn and embrace the local culture, the local people, the local music, and the local food, which is our first step towards it. We have a series of documentaries set to inspire travellers and residents to relive the Majorero history and bring it alive today, ” says Varsha.

In this film, the legend Domingo Colorao is joined by the Carballo family, Luis Carballo- a renowned young timplist, Elias Carballo whose voice empowers the sounds of el Colorao in this documentary and Eduardo Carballo who is also the chief at Mr Mojo Barbershop at Lajares.

With unflinching execution led by Cinzia Mancini and the Fuerteventura Times team, this documentary is an ode to the Majorero culture. It will be a massive step in making the travellers and tourists aware of the beauty of our island in the culture and history.

Watch the Trailer now of the first Documentary on the Legend himself : Domingo Colorao.