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Meet El Cotillo – Gastronomy Paradise

Have you ever thought about what is the perfect place to visit in Fuerteventura? Have you been undecided where to eat delicious food? Let me introduce you to a small town that made its name known for being the perfect surfing destination and being home to multiple world’s favorite flavors.

My name is Kryspin Marmulewicz – eighteen years old student from CKZiU in Ludów Polski, Poland. I am doing my internship at Fuerteventura in May and June of 2021. I am studying marketing and advertising for three years. I will be working here on posts that may interest many new visitors on the grand island of Fuerteventura.

Photographies in this article were done by: Kryspin Marmulewicz, Gracjan Marmulewicz, and Dominik Gajdziski.

El Cotillo – the lovely town on the western coast

Photo of City name sculpture
Town’s Name Sign

As mentioned before, El Cotillo is known for being a favorite destination for local surfers, for its long, sandy beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and resting after work. It has a lot of exciting places like Calle del Muelle de Pescadores and Castillo de El Toston.

Transport to El Cotillo is excellent and cheap. You can rent a car, bike, motor or come by the 8th line of buses. From El Cotillo to Corralejo, Tickets cost around 3 Euro, making it 6 Euro on both sides. The line goes through Lajares and La Oliva too. It makes traveling from these towns to El Cotillo easier and more enjoyable. We should remember about beautiful views from the bus on the volcanic landscape.

El Cotillo is home to many restaurants that offer many tastes and flavors in their menus. Most of the restaurants are placed in the center of town, which adds them a charming ambiance. My personal bests are located near Playa del Muellito in the center of El Cotillo, and near Playa De Los Lagos.

Something about El Cotillo’s restaurants

Restaurants of El Cotillo divides into a lot of categories: Spanish, Italian, American, French, Asian, Vege, etc. Their essential part is that they are primarily for local people. Still, with the rising amount of tourists on Fuerteventura, I would like to highlight some of them to promote El Cotillo as a perfect destination for gastronomical journeys.


Main view of the restaurant
Photo of restaurant menu
Menu of Bagus in Spanish

Bagus is a place where you can eat delicious burgers and drink your favorite beer. It is a cooling place on hot days.
Service is on a significant level, so you don’t have to worry about your visit here.
Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian. You will always find something for yourself here.

Cohiba Cafe

Cohiba Cafe
Front view on Cohiba Cafe
Photo of restaurant menu
Menu of Cohiba Cafe

Cohiba Cafe is the perfect place to eat delicious seafood, burgers, salads, and drink fantastic coffee.
Based on reviews of its customers, Choiba Cafe is a perfect place to eat tasty seafood or drink excellent coffee with friends.
In Cohiba, you don’t need to be worried when you are vegetarian because there are products that you can choose freely while coming here.

Mil Deseos

Mil Deseos
Entrance to Mil Deseos

Mil Deseos is a cafeteria, where you can drink your favorite coffee and eat a wonderful lunch with your friends or family. It’s based near Playa De Los Lagos, and you can watch beautiful sunsets here. In reviews of this restaurant, we can read that every product is handmade, the staff is always working on 100%, food is excellent, and prices are really amazing.

POKE Cotillo

POKE cotillo
Main view on POKE Cotillo
Photo of restaurant menu
Menu of POKE Cotillo

POKE Cotillo is a place where you can eat healthy and fresh salads in many Hawaiian flavors.
The menu here is perfect for vegetarians and vegans because there are a lot of salads without any meat or fish.
The staff here is really friendly and committed to its work. You can always expect the best from them.

Leo’s Beach Bar

LEO's Beach Bar
Entrance to Leo’s Beach Bar
Photo of restaurant menu
Inside view of Leo’s Beach Bar
Photo of restaurant menu
Main menu of Leo’s Beach Bar

In Leo’s Beach Bar, you can find a lot of flavors: seafood with incredible taste, wonderful burgers, healthy salads, and of course, Spanish tapas.
Remember to order a drink for your meal. Without coffee, you won’t have enough energy for sunbathing on Playa De Los Lagos!

Happy Cactus

Happy Cactus is a place where you can buy healthy bio food. This is a perfect place for vegetarians and vegans. The food here is freshly made, the incredible staff is always friendly to customers. This place is trendy in the local community and among tourists who want to eat one of the best bio meals on Canary Island.

Front of the restaurant

Coyote Bar

Coyote Bar is a perfect place to spend some time with friends. You can drink excellent cocktails here or eat tasty food. In this bar in the center of El Cotillo, you will enjoy listening to the classics of Rock&Roll music. It’s near the Playa del Muelito, so you can watch beautiful sunsets while spending time with friends.

El Goloso del Cotillo

El Goloso del Cotillo
Entrance to El Goloso del Cotillo

This cafeteria is based in the south of Playa De Los Lagos, which gives it unique characteristics of this place. Its owners offer handmade pastry and bakery with French products. It’s very delicious. When you come here for breakfast, you will always come back for it!

La Cantina de Fragiel

Here you can buy excellent Spanish food and beer, local tapas is known in this area. On the top with the owner, professional and friendly staff is accommodating and always will translate the menu. This type of staff will give you the best service. The restaurant is near the bus station, so you can start your visit to El Cotillo here.

  • Photo of restaurant
  • Photo of restaurant inside
  • Photo of restaurant menu

Piedra Playa

Piedra Playa is a local bar located on the main street, where you can order many types of drinks, snacks, and tapas. The freshly made food is cheap and tasty. I highly recommend this place due to its localization in the town and the tastes of served food.

Restaurante Asiatico

Asiatico is a restaurant that offers food from Thailand. The food here is very cheap, but it is really tasty and enjoyable. Many local people are coming here, so it means even oriental tastes are worthy of trying when coming on Fuerteventura.

  • Photo of restaurant
  • Photo of restaurant menu

La Morocha

La Morocha is an Argentinian steakhouse in El Cotillo. Probably the best steaks you never tried yet. Staff cooks these steaks with passion and perfection. Here you will always get everything on time and in a huge portion. Tapas here is delicious, and it composes of meat greatly. This steakhouse is heaven for steak and meat enjoyers.

Photo of restaurant
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