Exhibition of astrophotography of the Majorero Skies at the Casa de la Cultura Portuense

This exhibition of astrophotography, which can be visited until January 31, 2023, aims to promote and broaden knowledge about the heavens and all that this entails.

In this exhibition, astrophotography is shown, through images taken of galaxies, clusters, nebulae, planets, as well as the wind effect, and space will also be dedicated to night photography through the display of northern lights, meteor showers, the Milky Way and also different sunsets. Similarly, during the exhibition, you can also enjoy a documentary on the History of the Universe and the History of the Astronomical Association of Fuerteventura.

The mayor of Puerto del Rosario, Juan Jiménez, invites and encourages the public to enjoy this exhibition of the “spectacular skies that can be seen from this island, and also from our municipality, as it should be remembered that the Fuerteventura Astronomical Association manages the Observatory located in the Tefía Hostel, where different activities are carried out throughout the year for all types of public in order to share and teach the richness of our sky”.

For the Councilor for Culture, Juan Manuel Verdugo, “it has been a pleasure to be able to inaugurate this exhibition that deals, fundamentally, with the outer space that surrounds us and all that this entails, in addition, from the perspective of the Astronomical Association of our island that has collaborated with this project in an extraordinary way. I invite the population to visit the exhibition and learn more about the exciting world of the universe and also enjoy the skies we have in Fuerteventura”.

Verdugo reiterated “the commitment on the part of the Department with the promotion of culture in our municipality. In this case, through knowledge about the universe”.

For his part, at the opening of the exhibition, the president of the Fuerteventura Astronomical Association, Carmelo Cabrera, firstly thanked the Councilor for Culture and the mayor for supporting this project in the space of the Casa de la Cultura , “meeting point between culture and society to unite people in this wonderful and extraordinary world such as astronomy, science and culture. All of us who make up the Association are very happy about it, hoping that citizens come to the Casa de la Cultura and also enjoy, as we do, the wealth of skies that Fuerteventura has, and that are Starlight Reserve”.

For school visits to the exhibition or the visit of groups or people interested in attending, you can contact the Casa de la Cultura by phone 928 53 18 08 or email: [email protected].