beautiful stone art

Fuerte People Episode 03: Jose – The Lava stone artist

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Fuerte People: That make Fuerteventura a segment where we cover, feature and interview people living in Fuerteventura. The ones from here, the ones that moved here, the ones that came on a vacation fell in love and decided to stay back. The ones working remotely, the ones who have built their own businesses, the ones that make the whole and soul of Fuerteventura. 

beautiful stone art

Jose is a local Majorero artist which has been making stone sculptures for many years. 

If you walk by the main street in Corralejo, you will usually find him with his set of vases, candles and sculptures made from the stones collected from the volcanoes.

He goes to find the stones from near the volcanoes . After having collected them, he cleans them in his studio and starts the process. There are no technical drawings or paintings or sketches , he works directly with the shape and the desired geometry he has in mind for his work.  

Watch his video explaining his process : BELOW

beautiful stone art
beautiful stone art
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