Fernando Clavijo Chosen as President of the Canary Islands, Embracing Unity and Positive Change

Fernando Clavijo Batlle has been elected as the new president of the Canary Islands, receiving significant support in the Wednesday elections. With an overwhelming majority in the first round of voting, Clavijo assumes the leadership of the Canary Islands Government with enthusiasm and determination.

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Fernando Clavijo, a nationalist candidate, has formally been chosen as the president of the Canary Islands. He secured this position thanks to the votes from his party, Coalición Canaria, as well as the support from the Popular Party, the Socialists of La Gomera Association, and the Independent Herreña Grouping. These four parties have placed their trust in Clavijo to lead the government, replacing the previous coalition known as the ‘Pact of the Flowers’, which included the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, New Canaries, Podemos, and the Socialists of La Gomera Association.

In his inaugural address as president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo expressed his commitment to working with loyalty, collaboration, and sincerity, extending a hand to the opposition. He made it clear that his intention is not to criticize everything done before but rather to build upon the positive achievements thus far.

Clavijo acknowledged the historical challenges that the Canary Islands face and expressed confidence in facing them together as a united front. He called upon the members of the legislative chamber to demonstrate willingness to reach agreements on issues such as the sustainability of public services, addressing inter-island imbalances, and combating poverty. One of the key strengths of the new president is his belief that reality can be changed through better governance, and he proposes flagship measures such as tax reduction to achieve this goal.

During his speech, he emphasized the importance of establishing strong fronts through agreements on matters affecting the Canary Islands. Furthermore, he stressed that he does not see anyone in the room as an adversary, but rather as an ally on the path to a brighter future.

Biography & Early Days: Fernando Clavijo

It is worth noting that Fernando Clavijo previously held the presidency of the Canary Islands from 2015 to 2019 and has now reclaimed this position. With his appointment, he becomes the ninth president of the autonomous community. His political trajectory has been remarkable, having held various positions within the Coalición Canaria party and at the local level.

Fernando Clavijo, born in San Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife, holds a degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of La Laguna. In addition to his political career, he has worked in the private sector, balancing his professional activities with his studies.

He is a leader with extensive experience in the political arena, and in the 2015 elections, he was appointed president of the Canary Islands in coalition with the Socialists of La Gomera Association and the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party. In the subsequent elections, he became the opposition after the formation of the ‘Pact of the Flowers’. Now, his election as president represents a new chapter in his political career and an opportunity to continue working for the well-being of the Canary Islands.

Fernando Clavijo is a Canary Islander who firmly believes in the potential of his homeland and sees the Canary Islands as a nation comprised of eight distinct realities that together make this region truly unique. This philosophy forms the foundation of the project he represents, Coalición Canaria.

Born in San Cristóbal de La Laguna in 1971, Clavijo possesses an intimate knowledge and a deep connection to every corner of the Canary Islands. He obtained his degree in Economics and Business Administration from the University of La Laguna, and although he began his career in the private sector, he always felt a calling for public service. In 1992, he became involved in the political project that best understands and defends the interests of the Canary Islands, Coalición Canaria. His political journey began in 2003 as a councilor in the Municipality of La Laguna, and he went on to serve as Deputy Mayor and, subsequently, as Mayor, becoming the youngest mayor the municipality had ever seen. Later on, he was elected President of the Government of the Canary Islands and subsequently became a Senator for the Autonomous Community. Additionally, he juggles these responsibilities with the role of National Secretary General of Coalición Canaria, the only nationalist project with a presence in all eight islands and in Venezuela.

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Throughout each phase of his service to the people of the Canary Islands, Clavijo has learned and hopes to have contributed to making the islands a better place. It is impossible to single out one achievement from these years in public service, but perhaps one of the most memorable moments for him was the approval of the new Statute of Autonomy and the modification of the Economic and Fiscal Regime (REF) in 2018. These milestones updated and anchored the rights of the Canary Islands in the Constitution, ensuring the unique status of the Canary Islands.

Clavijo is fully aware that these achievements were the result of collective efforts, but without the leadership of Coalición Canaria, they would not have been accomplished in the same manner and timeframe. For this political party, the most important and foremost priority has always been and will continue to be the defense of the interests of all Canary Islanders, regardless of where they reside.

Undoubtedly, much remains to be done. Over the past four years, partly due to crises such as the healthcare crisis and international conflicts, as well as the lack of specific policies from the central government towards the Canary Islands and inefficient management by the regional government, there has been a setback in the welfare state and a deterioration of essential public services.

The current situation in the Canary Islands is not ideal, but Clavijo firmly believes that improvement is possible. It is within reach to transform the Canary Islands into a land of opportunities for the youth, as it is no longer sufficient to merely have a job if individuals cannot make ends meet. Clavijo is convinced that it is possible to lift the Canary Islands out of the bottom ranks in terms of social policies and enhance the healthcare system, which, despite having more resources and personnel than ever before, currently faces the longest waiting lists. He has already demonstrated his ability to bring about positive change in the past, and now he presents himself as a candidate for the Presidency of the Canary Islands, with the goal of building a better present and future for the Canary Islands, together, from within the Canary Islands themselves.



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