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Fuerte People Episode 02: Osteopath, Tommaso Laganà

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Fuerte People: That make Fuerteventura a segment where we cover, feature and interview people living in Fuerteventura. The ones from here, the ones that moved here, the ones that came on a vacation fell in love and decided to stay back. The ones working remotely, the ones who have built their own businesses, the ones that make the whole and soul of Fuerteventura. 

Tommaso is an osteopath trained in Italy and a specialist in athletics. He visited Fuerteventura on a vacation and fell in love with the island so much that he decided to move here. He practises Osteopathy and imparts his knowledge to office goers, surfers and different groups of Digital Nomads.

‘The osteopathy philosophy is aware that the human being is a body, mind and spirit together and the relationship between these elements is essential.

So I have a holistic vision although I focus on the body, my goal with the manipulation is to put it in the best conditions so that it can find its balance again and heal itself.’

‘My life has been totally revolutionized with the knowledge of osteopathy.

With the study of anatomy and biomechanics, I have learned to truly live through the body, and how to release tension and move fully.

I have spent years searching for and improving tools and techniques to help people in pain or who feel trapped in the body, not being free to move, with great success.

I love sports and that is why I have also done a master’s degree in osteopathy for athletes, adding knowledge in the field of therapeutic exercise and sports gesture rehabilitation.’ Says Tommaso.

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