Fuerteventura will present the new promotional campaign for the island in the winter market at FITUR

The island, thanks to ‘Saborea Fuerteventura’, will also have two stands at Madrid Fusión

The island of Fuerteventura arrives at FITUR and Madrid Fusión loaded with news and “optimism” regarding the possibilities of growth of the sector for the island this 2023.

During the meeting of the Governing Council of the Tourist Board, held on Friday, January 13, under the presidency of Sergio Lloret and in the presence of municipal representatives and councilors of the different groups of the Island Institution, as well as the entities represented in the Board of Trustees, the Institution’s manager, José Sanabria reported on the various actions planned for this year at the two fairs that will take place starting this week in Madrid.

The president Sergio Lloret and the manager of the Board of Trustees, José Sanabria, as well as the island’s Tourism technicians will leave for Madrid with an “intense agenda of meetings” that will put Fuerteventura in contact with tour operators from all over the world and with the ” exciting” appointment, scheduled for Wednesday the 18th at 8:00 p.m., at FITUR, for the official presentation of the Promotion Campaign of the Fuerteventura destination for the winter season.

Fudenas, the Wind Surf World Championship, specific campaigns of each of the six town halls will be some of the images that will occupy the prominent audiovisual space at the stand that Fuerteventura will have at the international fair whose objective, in the words of Sergio Lloret, “the one that we have always maintained with the fixed course from this Institution, that of guaranteeing the arrival of tourists to the island since most of our economy currently depends on it.”

Two stands at Madrid Fusion

With its own 24-square-meter stand, in addition to the one included in Saborea España, the Saborea Fuerteventura brand dresses up in this edition of Madrid Fusión, in which up to nine promotion and dissemination actions for island products and which will have the presence in situ of three FuerteGourmet chefs.

It is a “firm commitment to the visibility of our primary sector and our gastronomy that pursues the attraction and loyalty of the tourist markets in favor of the economic diversification of the island”, highlighted Sergio Lloret.

New headquarters and greater administrative agility for the Board of Trustees

Among the issues discussed during the session of the Governing Council, the manager of the Board of Trustees also revealed the urgent need with which the Institution needs new spaces adapted to the needs of the staff and its requirements.

A circumstance that President Sergio Lloret estimated could be solved in a “relatively short time” through some of the “properties of historical and cultural value acquired by the Cabildo and that, as a way, in addition, to dignify and value these spaces could be a strategic space for the location of the new offices of the Fuerteventura Tourist Board”.

In the same way, the president agreed with the members of the Council on the “need to review the legal figure of the Board so that it can count on greater administrative agility” in the processing of the Institution’s affairs and files.