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English is the international language of work and the neutral medium to communicate with someone from different countries.

When the world is moving at such a fast pace, with all the new updates in technology and the global situation, you need to be at par with the evolution.

The evolution happens when we put ourselves in uncharted territories learn something new, and what better than adding another international language to your kitty.

Fuerteventura Startups is the island’s first start-up consultancy body, whose mission is to educate & empower local entrepreneurs with big ideas and fewer resources by helping and training them to structure and launch their companies as successful start-ups, enabling and preparing them to gain investments from the global start-up ecosystem. And precisely keeping this mission in mind, we are introducing a particular Business English class for the island’s people.

Fuerteventura has become the new hub of global projects and companies finding a new base. A melting pot of intercultural, cross-continental crowds of people living, working, and collaborating on the island. This is the perfect time to develop ones’ language prowess, which would help the locals of Fuerteventura integrate with the global start-ups based here and beyond.


The Business English classes by Fuerteventura Startups are designed to make you ready for the international professional world.

Improve your level of English and work in international companies with our business English classes. It will position you better among applicants, and you will be able to demonstrate that you can communicate effectively in English in different business environments.

The classes are structured didactically from the very first level, where we divide the one-hour class into four key sections.

Key 1 – Vocabulary
Key 2 – grammar
Key 3 – Communication and Writing
Key 4 – listening practice
Key 5 – Conversation

We offer you two options to select from the Business curriculum or the Daily use Curriculum.

The Business Curriculum consists of a formal, professional language and writing practice for working in companies. And for the Daily Use curriculum, we teach English for your day-to-day activities and structure your skills to make you speak like a native.

Our classes are taught by a native teacher, who has an extended period of teaching
Business English in companies like Vodafone, Deloitte, and Daily use English across Asia and Europe.

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