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Get involved in Corralejo Open House Art Weekend

An art event inspired by the five elements of the universe: ether, water, air, fire and Earth, Corralejo Open House Art Weekend opened its doors on the weekend of the 16th and 17th of October.

The Fuerteventura Times, a company linked to Amazzzing Travel and Galera Beach, promoted a new concept of art, fusing gastronomy and art launching unique experiences in Fuerteventura.

Do you want to experience Fuerteventura from a different perspective? Now is the time to enjoy a holiday surrounded by works of art, tasting local and avant-garde gastronomy in the paradise that is Fuerteventura.

A total of 5 Villas with their elements, Ether for our dreams, Air full of purity, Water the engine of nature, fire the spirit of the sun and Earth the source of our body. In each of them, you will find the works of great international artists and residents of the island, such as Alfredo Montaña, Rita Fauria, Ely Phenix, Tony Gòmez, Gara Acosta, Eva Tania, Goyo Dominguez, Vicente Verdù, Susana Pannullo, Carlos Parra, Fabio Hurtado, Carmen Espinosa Soto, Modesto Roldàn and Cecilia Escandon.

Corralejo Open House Art Weekend concentrated on many artists who showed their gifts through dance workshops, music, wine tasting, and more! Including the active participation of everyone who came to the event, two days full of unforgettable moments that gave life to a new concept of experience in Fuerteventura!

Let’s get started!

The Workshops


One of the most awaited workshops by the public, the Macramé. A technique long-held by sailors worldwide, relaxing their minds and keeping their hands busy on those long voyages. A craft that uses knots to create various weavings and decorative elements.

Macramé is a craft that uses knots to create various weavings and decorative elements.

Melissa from the company “Decoglovo” showed this wonderful art in an exhibition. At the end of the exhibition, they involved the public in creating a Macramé bikini without the help of needles, only with their own hands! An impossible challenge for many, which led them to a unique state of mental well-being and relaxation.


Alejandro Frey, a young artist from Majorca, popularly known in the Canary Islands for his project Abora Reaguee, a reaguee music group born from a simple jam session! At the age of 30 his great passion has even reached television, participating in “La Voz”.

His philosophy of life full of positivism and simplicity for having a life without luxuries but full of natural and immaterial riches allowed him to participate in significant events and to be able to become part of our daily repertoire of musical songs.

It was an honour to hear him sing live, accompanied by his band Crazy Goats with his song “Volvemos a empezar”, released in the quarantine. Without a doubt a song of opportunities and good energy, which cheered up the audience with its lyrics and music.


Impressive Ely Phenix! An artist who creates canvases of paintings under the water of the sea! She delighted us with an exhibition of her magnificent paintings. Her technique is based on going down to the depths, guided by the natural light and the movement of the water, adding materials, crystals, and minerals to her beautiful works. She shared with us how this activity transports her to a different emotion each time, letting herself be carried away by the movements of the currents, synchronizing herself in the harmony of the waters with her inner self, “a whole therapeutic language”, as she says.

They can even be seen in the dark, with infrared and ultraviolet light! Making all the elements visible in different life forms.

A real challenge!


We all know it as a simple game when we were children, but it is much more! For many years, it has been part of the training of many adults to achieve good toning and control of our physical and mental bodies.

Leda, an artist who presents the movement developed through dance and concentration; from the company “Hulahoopfuerteventura” held a workshop, which motivated the participation of people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest, sharing a very beneficial and fun-filled moment of leisure. It includes coordination, balance, and good mental concentration. Through a simple “aro,” you enter a universe of surprises.


The art and passion of flamenco have reached the 5 continents and our 5 elements. The flamenco is the result of a multicultural mix that we were able to enjoy in this wonderful event by the hand of Patricia Abréu. A spectacular flamenco dancer who gave us a masterful performance. Her movements and the intensity of her performance transported us all to a real “tablao Flamenco”, on the island of Fuerteventura itself.

Patricia Abréu, is the creator of her own dance company Donaire, the first with live musicians in the country. Currently for those interested in this art, Patricia teaches classes in Fuerteventura at The Art Lab in Lajares and at the Cultural Centre of Cotillo, a real spectacle for our senses!


Prana Fuerteventura demonstrated aero pilates, using a series of exercises using a swing formed by a hammock and two grips, which help to find the balance and natural health of the body, completely suspended in the air.

Its benefits go from being an excellent ally for our back correcting postures to, and at the same time, a powerful anti-stress, improving our consciousness.

Prana Fuerteventura is a sanctuary of endless benefits; they offer classes in yoga, pilates, meditation, toning, and many more opportunities to provide our body and mind. They are located in Puerto del Rosario, don’t miss the opportunity!


 Artist and painter by profession, based in Fuerteventura since 2020. Founded her art school “Fine Arts”, and started to give group classes for children from 3 to 16 years old; and private classes for adults.

During the two days of the event, she held different painting workshops, showing her nature inspired by the local fauna and flora of the island, using different acrylic and watercolor techniques. Many of his works are of political and social denunciation related to the latest events.

Many of his works are political and social denunciation related to the latest events.



We all know well that music has an enormous capacity to awaken feelings and emotions in people, and what better result of expression than painting. Dante showed us the automatic connection that exists between music and art. Synchronizing his movements and harmony, with music and art, all a spectacle for our ears and eyes.


During the days of the event, we have been accompanied by some reputable chefs known on the island for their innovation and their taste for implementing local gastronomy with avant-garde cuisine. On this occasion, they are inspired by the elements of Fire, Water, and Earth for their creations. We are increasingly influenced by our senses when it comes to preparing a good meal or tasting it, so here we incorporated the elements of the universe and gave a new meaning to contemporary gastronomy.

We started with Rigoberto Almeida (El Pellizco), his elaborations inspired by the Earth with local products of Denomination of Origin, fused with his avant-garde style, the chef’s stamp. He delighted us with a Gazpacho Majorero, Vegetable Gyozas, Pesto, and Parmesan cones, a walk through the island’s land.

Gustavo Astrada, ( La Mamma Restaurante ), wanted to emphasize the element of water, and use some of the products that the ocean of Fuerteventura gives us. His selection of Cod Brandade, Salmon Tartar and Fuerteventura Octopus.

Blas Rodriguez Melian and Lucio Luis Romero Malpartida, a team of chefs with their hands-on fire, an indispensable element in their kitchens. They got their hands on the grill, using grilling techniques with suitable firewood. They cooked Black Pork Chops, Morunos Skewers, and Smoked Quesadillas, an authentic demonstration of craftsmanship with an island touch.



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