Give yourself time! Speed-Dating has arrived on Fuerteventura!

Let me remind you that next Thursday, March 17th, we have a date? Yes, a 1-hour appointment, where you will be able to meet 20 people! Yes, you may ask yourself, how can you meet 20 people in 1 hour? And why?

Nowadays, many people use internet applications to get to know each other, and it is a fast and impersonal method. On many occasions, we become pretty superficial, unemotional, and unmotivated to find our new partner through the screen.

Speed Dating is more than a simple date; you will be able to meet 20 people for 1 hour, allowing you to discover the essence of the person in front of you, look into their eyes, observe their expressions and movements, and above all, hear their voice.Each appointment lasts 5 minutes, half are seated, and the other half move around to meet with each person.

Once you have finished the whole round, you must mark who you would like to have a second date with. If there is a match, you are notified and given phone numbers. Remember that you can attend events like this and keep in touch with each other online.

The event cost 10€ with a drink included. Contact us at 722-549-267!

You can have it all!


Speed dating was born in the 1990s in the United States. The inventor of Speed dating was Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, who held the first event in a cafe in Beverly Hills in 1998. His aim was for young Jewish singles to meet and marry. His idea was such a success that it quickly spread to the rest of the country and later Europe.

Indeed they were born as events to meet someone romantically. Still, this type of activity has evolved, and nowadays, many people come to open the closed circle of friendships.

So how do you make it look like you are an exciting person in 5 minutes? Well, we advise you to make a list of questions or interests you want to meet, ask what matters to you, and above all, be a direct and self-confident person. Even go with more friends, and enjoy a fun, dynamic, and full of good energy event.

In short, it is an original method of meeting people that does not require a long time of dedication but has an immediate effect. You can try it out and keep in touch with the people you meet or enjoy a fun experience.

We are our choices, remember.