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How this Italian couple in Fuerteventura is Helping Travelers with Self-Healing Vacations

International Yoga Day Exclusive

Lucas and Francesca, a vibrant and warm Italian couple who first came to Fuerteventura six years back on a vacation and immediately fell in love with the island.

“This place, since the beginning has given us a very good energy. It’s a place that felt perfect since the start to do what we want to do. Our project- which has been a dream we have always nurtured together with our common passion for yoga and healthy living. And Fuerteventura is a place that is incredible for this”, expresses Lucas in an exclusive interview with Fuerteventura Times on International Yoga Day.

“We started 6 years ago with our very first yoga retreat here on the island which usually spans between one to two weeks or sometimes even more as we have travelers from the world over coming here seeking peace and tranquility for longer periods as well. With our retreat Aloha ke Akua, we have the opportunity of getting to know people, the spirituality that connects each one of us. And as every person is different, we have been lucky to receive the diversity of good energy and positivity from these travelers which is now something we call daily life”, he adds.

With a focus on personalized vacations that emphasize the concept of self-healing, Francesca explains that when they lived earlier in a city and went on vacations, this is what they went searching for – the good vibe and energy that Fuerteventura has. And now they are grateful that they can finally experience it every day.

Offering daily yoga classes in their retreats along with an option of a vegetarian or vegan diet, made with local produce, the couple´s intention is to help travelers adopt a healthy way of life so that even when they go back they can continue with it.

“This is truly a spectacular place. Really. Fuerteventura is a very vast and open space which gives you a sensation of freedom, and also security. The weather is also always so nice that one can practice yoga outdoors, take a walk to the volcano right behind the retreat and start your day with a great energy to it”, expresses Francesca.

When asked why Fuerteventura is famed as a spiritual and awakening place by many, Lucas explains that being one of the oldest islands, the island has a special energy, aura, or vibrations, which can be felt in its pulse vividly.

“These types of vacations or retreats are very special and allow for travelers to come together as a close bond of family, brought together by a common passion for yoga and healthy living. So surely, its a vacation different to a going to a hotel, its more intimate and lets you connect with people more closely”, concludes Francesca.

With Fuerteventura prepping for welcoming tourism and adopting a strictly sustainable philosophy, Fuerteventura Times welcomes you to join our community of global mindsets from the land of eternal sunshine.

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