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Nowadays, and after the last few years, eco-tourism has become more and more popular, a sustainable approach to tourism activities with the preservation and appreciation of the natural environment that welcomes travelers.

With its significant tourism growth, Fuerteventura has led many companies to rethink their activity, move towards ecotourism, promote ethical tourism, be responsible for the environment and local society, and encourage more excellent sustainable development, which is essential for our land.

This 1st Eco experiences Festival aims to get to know in-depth the reality of Fuerteventura as a tourist island. It promotes its interior, recognizes its riches, and encourages entrepreneurs with the right tools for their new sustainable projects. There will be a series of presentations and activities, which will lead many companies and people to become aware of the new concept of business life.

The Auditorium of Antigua will host 30 on-site and online presentations that will give content to the 1st International Festival of Eco-experiences of Fuerteventura, in addition to the round table discussions.

Registration to attend can be formalized by filling in a simple form on the website https://www.beforplanet.org/fuerteventura-inscripciones and is entirely free of charge.

The event will take place from 29 November. It will be organized by Ecowildlife Travel S.L., the Beforplanet Foundation, and the Fuerteventura Biosphere Reserve, with the support of the Tourist Board and the Department of Environmental Sustainability of the Island Council, the Department of Tourism, Industry, and Commerce of the Canary Islands Government and the Town Councils of Pájara, Tuineje, Antigua, Betancuria and Puerto del Rosario.

“To raise awareness and value a new model of tourism, empowering local initiatives and projects dedicated to a close, sustainable, and environmentally friendly tourism. We also want other territories, other places that already apply this type of initiative to tell us about their experiences with a view to their application in Fuerteventura”.

José Luis Rivera, Director del Festival. CEO of Ecowildlife Travel  & beforplanet.org.

During the week, in addition to the presentations, there will be similar activities to increase citizen participation. On the 30th of November, there will be an exhibition market of initiatives in the square of Antigua to design a directory of sustainable initiatives, defining good practices in development by local companies and participants, and highlighting the options that exist to be more sustainable in the preservation of the environment..

This Eco experiences Festival aims to encourage some sustainable tourism practices, such as the practice of Birdwatching, also known as ornithological tourism or birdwatching in Spain, is a form of nature tourism that has an increasing number of followers around the world and in Spain itself, with Fuerteventura gaining more and more importance as a specialized destination for fans of routes and excursions.

It includes a Bioblitz on the island of Lobos. In this participatory citizen science event, the aim is to record as many species as possible in a given place and for a given time.

It is worth mentioning the development of a Press Trip, an ideal opportunity for the media and environmental influencers to get to know a destination, thus helping to transmit the reality about Fuerteventura.

To access the complete program of presentations and activities, go to https://www.beforplanet.org/fuerteventura-programa.

Teaching and showing how to value the environment is to learn to appreciate our environment and our life.

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