In Fuerteventura. The 6 benefits of surfing and 5 best surf spots you can find.

The Canary Islands have the best weather during all seasons and are a hot spot for surfers. Surfing is a great excuse to travel and connect with nature, enjoying the island culture.

Fuerteventura is one of the most popular travel destinations for surf lovers. Surfing is a sport that is gaining more and more followers, and it is not precisely for its ease but its positive influence on our state of health. With a total of 150 km of beaches, unique volcanic landscapes, and an enviable climate, known throughout the world as the “Hawaii of Europe.”

The period from October to April is the perfect season for surfing big waves, and there are even spots on the island that are perfect for new beginners.


The benefits of surfing range from improving circulation, increasing cardiorespiratory capacity, toning muscles with balance, and good coordination. We want to list some of them for you:

1. Reduces stress: the surfer’s mind enters a state of relaxation, when in a session they are waiting for the desired wave, from the sea observing the possibility of joining the peak of the desired wave.

2. Increases concentration: surfing is a demanding sport in which we must be attentive to our surroundings, from the waves, the currents, and the other surfers.

3. Strengthening the cardiorespiratory system: is an aerobic sport combined with toning the body. By holding on to the board and surfing the waves, you improve your coordination and balance, gaining excellent body resistance.

4. Increased Vitamin D: in surfing, the sun is a permanent presence, and its main component is vitamin D. It plays a fundamental role in the body. It plays an essential role in forming bones teeth and the absorption of calcium at the intestinal level. It strengthens the immune system, improves the nervous system, and benefits muscle mass.

5. Positive energy: when we do all kinds of sports, including surfing, exercise increases levels of dopamine and serotonin, which are responsible for happiness and good humor.

6. Inclusive sport is highly recommended for people with mental, physical, and intellectual disabilities.


Once you have discovered the benefits, you will be eager to travel to this beautiful island of Fuerteventura. And you will wonder what the best places to surf are? The best Surf Spots!

1. Surf in Corralejo is the ideal destination to start surfing. All along the Natural Park of Corralejo Dunes, we find different spots, the best known is the Moro beach, a perfect beach for beginners.

2. Majanicho: near Corralejo, Majanicho, a small fishing village. It can be reached by the northern road, a dirt road with a volcanic landscape. Its beach is ideal for surf lovers.

3. Surfing in El Cotillo: A fishing village in the island’s northeast. Endless long sandy beaches, along the cliffs of “El Cotillo,” its waves are pretty irregular and not of high quality, but it is still a perfect place for surfing, with a sandy bottom.

4. Playa Blanca: it is located a few kilometers from Puerto del Rosario’s capital. Playa Blanca, about 1 kilometer long, is very popular with surf schools.

5. Islote de Lobos: a small islet in front of Corralejo. It is a natural paradise, where you can enjoy the sun and its incredible waves. Not recommended for all surfers, they are powerful waves up to 4 meters high.

The joys of surfing combine physical exertion, challenge, and mental relaxation.



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