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Intuition- The Psychological Boost World Needs

We all have heard about intuition. We may have even experienced it, knowing, or unknowingly. However, the rising consciousness across the world in the quest to understanding of the self, along with the ocean of chaotic interpretations by western societies of eastern sciences, add to it the fashion of enlightenment, have blurred the core behind the real meaning of things.

In this race for spiritual attainment through the consistently growing chaos of the internet of things, the collective intelligence of the world has suffered because of the lack of individual and responsible interpretation of personal intuitions. From Albert Einstein to Steve Jobs, the world´s greatest minds have credited their epiphanies to the inner knowing of their intuition, and, further on, more significant discoveries will be due to this potent source accessible to each human being.

What is intuition?

Intuition is the ability to see things and recognize when repetitive thoughts nudge your awakened, present mind through an inexplicable universal intelligence that thrives within each one of us. Understanding this intelligence that is pushing you, as the source of your core self and one´s ability to distinguish the mind chatter from the real message is where human beings struggle the most.

This difficulty of interpreting real messages coming from the source that connects all intelligence (intuition) and differentiating it from personal fears and doubts (inhibition), is what has evoked a vast majority of the human race to settle for less.

Despite having all the tools to experience the best of their beings, they settle for mediocrity in varied areas of life by deciphering their intuition.

Why do you need to follow your intuition?

Serving and following intuition is the duty of the living; the reason of one´s being, which, if not followed, leads to immense and inexplicable discontentment within.

Why are you born? Why are you even here reading this? Or doing whatever you are in your life? Is there a meaning to your existence and actions? When one does not heed their inner knowing and continues to proceed each day ignoring it, the steps eventually lead to sabotaging one´s choices until the person is forced to look directly in the eye of their intuitive nudges.

The constant reminder that one has compromised on one´s inner knowledge and not acted upon it with the courage called faith can be an excruciating way of living. Each step taken without following one´s gut instinct can eventually ruin efforts, consciously or unconsciously, until one accepts the impending changes or new pathways guided by intuition.

How does one interpret intuition?

In the east, there is an immense importance given to rectifying one´s karma and following it. Of going within and experiencing the void, facing the discomfort of emptiness, making space for higher intuitive awareness by cleansing your actions by making the harder choices, and doing what your inner core coaxes you silently each day. See the darkness within darkness for the light to enter.

The best way to identify intuition is by determining how you feel about something. The moment you identify yourself with something you are not, your intuition will hint your subconscious and conscious knowing, putting your mind in constant discomfort and chaos. Because when you follow your intuition and do what you inherently know, you must, there is no chaos, only peace in thought, emotion, and being.

Karma is simply a pile of accumulated memory and information which eventually creates its tendencies based on the choices one makes each moment. The problem starts when collected memory over one´s lifetime is mistaken for intelligence and further enacted upon as the real messages from the universal knowledge- the intuition, or the lack thereof.

People often discard intuitive nudges as situational coincidences or imaginary daydreaming or even wishful thinking, confusing their abilities or the lack thereof with misinterpretation of their inner truths because of the memory of their living life, fed through societal perceptions.

The fear of believing in a consistent, intuitive voice, and the inability to act upon it is the root cause of all suffering, suppressed glories, and buried epiphanies. However, with acceptance and courage, these stories can see the light of the day and contribute to the collective intelligence of the world, bringing the real joy of being alive and giving meaning to one´s existence. The hesitance of acknowledging one´s intuition has stripped the world of more significant discoveries and evolution of evolved minds, beings, creations, and nations that could instead be blossoming if people started to enact upon their intuition.

With the onset of automation, the world will soon look to deeper meanings and act upon their intuitions to find their contribution to the world and sense to their existence. And this cannot happen if collectively as a race, we refuse to acknowledge the inner truths or have the courage to stand up for our beliefs and fearlessly embrace our intuitions. Because until we process and implement what the collective intelligence is insinuating within each one of us through individual waves of intuitive reflections, we cannot collectively contribute to the betterment of humanity. After all, evolutions starts with the (wo)man, and then in the world.

What is your intuition telling you for a while?

What will you do to nurture it?

Will you cultivate the courage of taking the plunge for the betterment of yourself and the world?

You owe it to your presence on this planet and peace of mind as a human being.

Think, And don´t forget to act.

Editor´s Note: This article is Part 4 of our Mental Health Awareness Week Series ( May 18th to May 24th 2020) in support of the Mental Health Foundation´s initiative. Fuerteventura Times is dedicated to spreading awareness related to mental health and eradicating perceived taboos and stereotypes associated with it by bringing forward personal stories of self-battles and victories as exemplary experiences for our readers, viewers, and listeners to learn from. Subscribe to our Consciousness newsletter to cut through the information noise and read what matters most.

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