“Isolation Portraits” by Vera Van Dam

An Inspiring Photo Documentary

Isolation- a word that has been encouraged repeatedly during these times, has long been one of the foundations of many ancient practices of meditation and self-evolution in the east.

In the age-old Indian meditation technique of Vipassanawhich means seeing things as they are, the practitioner disconnects from the exterior world entirely for eleven days, with a vow of silence, abstinence from communication, technology, people, books and beliefs. It is during these times of self-isolation and inner reflections, does the practitioner experience oceans of emotions and personal epiphanies that transform into something indescribable.

What then could be the emotions and epiphanies experienced by people when in isolation during the pandemic?

Amsterdam based photographer Vera Van Dam’s inspiring photo documentary “Isolation Portraits” brings us an insightful perspective into these meaningful curiosities, by presenting a reflective series of portraits of 60 people photographed in quarantine during the Covid19 lockdown.

By embracing technology, the Amsterdam based photographer establishes meaningful connections despite social and physical distancing and photographed people quarantined at home on video-call.

“Never thought that being physically separated can be so tough. But knowing we are all alone in this together creates some kind of connectivity which is way broader than our physical world.”

– Vera Van Dam on “Isolation Portraits”

In her pictures, we can clearly see and feel the emotions – distant but yet somehow connected. Isolated, yet fuerte.

A special note of gratitude by Vera Van Dam to: Merel, Jesse, Isabella, Cato, Matthijs, Ale, Daan, Florine, Gerben, Joost, Josje, Julie, Christine, Laura, Leonie, Martijn, Miek, Yira, Wiete, Sammie, Roy, Olya, Lauren, Rinke, Roos, Lola, Mira, Nina, Mikey, Federica, Scott, Emma, Ole, Sandrine, Lorenzo, Mikki, Pieter Jan, Tahne, Stijn, Daniel, Pim, Lisette, Joris Groot, Tom, Roxanna, Charlotte, Lavy, Imke, Koen, Gloria, Nikki, Yoen, Martine, Sid, Claire, Miquel, Noortje, Joris Gruiters, Nadja.

About The Photographer

Vera Van Dam (1989) is an Amsterdam based photographer. Her work is a byproduct of her life experiences and operates in a space between dream and reality. Here, her emotions, thoughts, and memories come together in a poetic way. The search for a connection between people and the paradigms in which we tend to think plays an important role in Vera’s work.

Dig deeper at www.veravandam.com | Instagram: @vera.van.dam

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