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La Oliva´s Mayor Isai Blanco Addresses the Shortage of Housing for Workers

More affordable housing for rent in Corralejo and the north of Fuerteventura

La Oliva, renowned for its bustling tourism in the vibrant north of Fuerteventura, is grappling with a pressing issue that has intensified due to the surge in rental prices. The town, a cherished international tourist destination, is witnessing a housing scarcity that disproportionately affects the working class. As the majority of accommodations cater to tourists, those who serve these visitors find themselves struggling to secure affordable living spaces.

In a recent interview with Varsha Krishnani of Fuerteventura Times, Mayor Isaí Blanco shed light on the critical housing situation in La Oliva and unveiled strategic measures to alleviate the challenges faced by its residents. The conversation delved into the multifaceted aspects of the issue, highlighting the imbalance created by the thriving vacation properties and the resultant strain on the availability and affordability of housing for the local workforce.

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Demand Surge and Imbalance: A Mayor's Perspective

The mayor acknowledged the escalating demand for properties in La Oliva, driven by the town’s appeal for its quality of life, favorable climate, and unique lifestyle. However, he emphasized that the surge in demand has led to a significant gap between supply and demand, affecting both residents and workers. With an increasing number of people desiring to live in La Oliva, the mayor recognized the urgent need for collaborative efforts from both the public and private sectors to address this housing crisis effectively.

Strategic Measures: Collaborative Initiatives Unveiled

One of the substantial measures announced by Mayor Blanco involves a collaboration between the La Oliva City Council and the Canarian Institute of Housing (ICV), a department under the Ministry of Public Works, Housing, and Mobility of the regional government. The forthcoming initiative is set to launch the bidding process for a construction project comprising 81 houses in Corralejo. This ambitious project aims to provide affordable and high-quality housing solutions for the town’s citizens.

Project Details: An Ambitious Venture for Affordable Living

In a meeting with Antonio Ortega, the director of the ICV, Mayor Blanco outlined the details of the project. The proposed construction in Corralejo includes 81 houses equipped with parking spaces and storage areas in the Bocaina zone, with a projected completion date set for 2026. Antonio Ortega emphasized the significance of ensuring that these residences are financially accessible, with rents not exceeding 20% of the Multiple Effects Public Income Index (IPREM). This approach seeks to alleviate the economic burden of housing for families in the municipality.

Comprehensive Refurbishment: Revitalizing Social Housing Units

Apart from the construction project, an additional allocation of approximately one million euros has been earmarked for the comprehensive refurbishment of 40 social housing units in La Oliva, located near the Town Hall building. This substantial investment aims to enhance the living conditions of these homes. The announcement comes with a directive for property owners to submit necessary documentation to the Government of the Canary Islands by year-end, underscoring the local administration’s commitment to ensuring dignified housing conditions in La Oliva.

As La Oliva takes these proactive steps, the collaborative efforts between municipal authorities and regional housing institutions signal a concerted approach to surmounting the housing challenges exacerbated by the town’s thriving tourism industry. The commitment to constructing new residences and revitalizing existing ones reflects a dedication to fostering sustainable living conditions and balancing the needs of both residents and visitors in this picturesque part of Fuerteventura.



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