Lockdown Companion- An inspiring podcast of heartwarming conversations from over 20 nationalities in quarantine with Maria Meisl

Lockdown Companion

Inspiring talks with 20 nationalities in quarantine

With billions of people locked down world-over, ever wondered what the personal experiences of so many different nationalities could be?

Maria Meisl, one of the vibrant founding members of Fuerteventura Times may have all the answers, as she brings you a heartwarming podcast, where she has candid conversations with some of the most inspiring souls from 20 different countries, sharing their experiences and personal learnings in this inspiring compilation of interviews ¨Lockdown Companion¨.


From the USA to India, Spain to the Netherlands, Romania to Germany, Belgium to France, Australia to Panama, Nicaragua to Nigeria, Maria engrosses listeners as guests open up on all the good, the bad, the fears and the hopes they have felt in this massive pause caused by the COVID19 pandemic across the world.

“Lockdown Companion” is a daily show with Maria Meisl having inspiring conversations with people in quarantine in different countries.

Get a sneak-peek into the beautiful journey of personal experiences from around the world in this exclusive preview of Lockdown Companion by Maria Meisl.

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