Attendees and speakers at tecnology breakfasts event in fuerteventura

Make Fuerteventura a Laboratory for Prototyping & Sustainable Innovation

Tech Breakfasts | Edition- Opportunities for European Funds for Fuerteventura

“Learn how to apply for funds to the subventions of the European Commission. Make Fuerteventura a living lab of innovative ideas in agriculture, energy, and circular economy. Make learning English an important element in key government positions to communicate the island’s projects internationally and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Initiate powerful public-private partnerships.” These were only a few things of a highly compelling session to a packed audience of the technology breakfasts spearheaded by the Cabildo de Fuerteventura. This time led by the straight-spoken, solution-oriented, dynamic Director of Startup Accelerator and CEO of Finnova Europe– Juan Manuel Revuelta Pérez. The entrepreneurs and government administrators understood the mammoth funds awaiting projects from Fuerteventura if at all they were presented at first. 

The Technology Breakfasts is one of the events of Cabildo’s innovation department, which has genuinely been attracting great speakers from Europe’s Innovation Hubs and prestigious institutions, and bringing the island’s decision-making authorities make their presence count. Read about the previous edition right here.

Speakers at event in Fuerteventura
CEO of Finnova, Juan Manuel Revuelta Pérez, the invited speaker along with he Councilor for New Technologies of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, D. Jonathan Gil Cruz, and the First Vice President and Insular Counselor, Mrs. Dolores Alicia García Martínez

Unified by the cause of digitalizing Fuerteventura to help the local community grow sustainably and learn from the ocean of knowledge brought by global experts in tourism, agriculture, climate change, and innovation, the technology breakfasts are making a tangible impact on the island.

Led by The Councilor for New Technologies of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, D. Jonathan Gil Cruz, and the First Vice President and Insular Counselor, Mrs. Dolores Alicia García Martínez, this edition of the talk was opened by Sergio Lloret, the President of the Cabildo of Fuerteventura, and Antonio Hormiga, the President of ASOFUER

Administracion de Cabildo en el Desayunps Tecnologicos

“It moves me when our local youth’s future jobs and ambitions are limited to traditional jobs that are losing sight in the age of technological advancement. With these events, we hope to bring sustainable digitalization to help our tourism, agriculture, and energy industries and evoke inspiration in our youngsters to take up new careers in the web, technology, and design. We want our island to be the epicenter of technology, catch up to the advancement of the digital age and be at par with global destinations as an intelligent island”, expressed Jonathan Gil when asked what motivated him to start these power-packed tech breakfasts.


“Think about the recycling issues of the island. Think about the problems of water to be solved. Think about the agriculture sector and having your local produce”, enthusiastically exclaimed Revuelta bringing the audience’s attention and urging them to think beyond tourism.  

 In an engaging ninety-minute session, Juan Manuel Revuelta, the CEO of Finnova and leads the Startup Europe Awards, said the interest in partnering with a local startup body or representatives to promote the creation of such tech startups on the island. He expressed the need to welcome global talent and experts to create evolution in innovation, climate, agriculture, and energy and make Fuerteventura a startup prototyping and sustainable innovation laboratory. Given the geographical location, the excellent climate, the extensive natural resources, and now, with the digital nomad wave, a global culture of tech entrepreneurs and young travelers, Revuelta urged the island leaders to think out of the box and focus on critical issues beyond tourism and make the most of the available funds for these sectors. 

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