spain canary islands fuerteventura aerial view of sandy beach playa de cofete and pico de la zarza
Reisefotografie (ohne Release) Drohnenaufnahme, letzte Sonnenstrahlen am Strand von Playa de Cofete, Blick auf Pico de la Zarza und Naturpark Jandía Parque Natural Jandía , Fuerteventura, Kanarische Inseln, Spanien

Mysterious Cofete Beach

Cofete beach

Do you believe in magical places and their history? If yes, then stay with us and let’s explore the most beautiful and mysterious hidden beach in Gran Canarias islands.

Fuerteventura’s Cofete Beach is located where human hands do not touch nature. There are no paved roads, almost no buildings, just a tiny Cofete village where people are not living anymore. This beach is surrounded by big mountains, the strongest winds on the whole island, and the incredible waves that are rinsing the coast. 

Many people ask if you can swim on Cofete beach? The answer is on most days you can’t because of its strong winds that create such big waves that can be very dangerous for many tourists. But you can always enjoy the view of the beach and ocean waves that might help you find calmness and peace. 

The wildest Cofete white sand beach runs 12km long, and it is not the easiest place to go to. The beach is surrounded by the highest mountain – Jandia, whose highest peak is 807meters above sea level. That’s why those who accumulate all the power and overcome the rocky and dirty road, later on, can enjoy its mysterious aureole and beautiful view and inspire themselves to do what they always wanted.

Can myths and legends come out as true?

Winter villa

One of the fascinating places in Cofete is the Winter villa. It was built by German engineer Gustav Winter that was viewed to be a spy by the British during World War II; some people say he used the Winter villa as an escape from the bad climate in Germany, while the others say that he and his family were involved with the Nazis. Further away, the villa and its legends sit alone in nowhere; that’s why people get inspired by its mysterious location.

The first legend about Winter Villa is that it was built as the exact shape and proportions of the island and the positions of the lands match with the actual part of Fuerteventura.

The other legend says that the villa served as a Nazi supply base during World War II. Although the house was never really finished, others still say that Nazi officials had parties at the villa. However, Cofete beach ocean water is really shallow that it would be impossible to have a Nazi submarine station. On the other hand, some experts say that the submarines were receiving signals from the villa tower, and it is believed it could have been used as a surveillance post.

In conclusion, the house is still standing for more than 75 years in the middle of nowhere. Everything is left to our beliefs. We can choose if we want to agree or disagree with those stories that are steeped in mystery that probably may never be solved.

How to get to the beach?

Fuerteventura Cofete road

  • If you are coming from Corralejo, your trip will take around 42 mins and the cheapest way is to take the line 6 bus, which would cost from 2€-4€ 

  • The other option is to take the Guagua bus from Morro Jable to Cofete on line 111. You can check routes here.
  • Or, if you are coming by car, you would need to take the Punta Jandia Road and just follow the other signs which will lead to the beach. The dirty road distance is around 20km long. The further you go, the worse the road is. But at least the parking is free, and the beach itself is open 24/7. 

Disclaimer:  most rented cars won’t be insured for driving off the tarmac.