Oktoberfest Corralejo poster

Oktoberfest Corralejo

The Patricio Calero square in Corralejo will host the Oktoberfest celebration in the tourist town of Corralejo, an event organized by the Department of Tourism and Commerce with a program in which the Majorera and German cultures will shake hands.

Here is the full program :

Origins of Oktoberfest : Originally a horserace

One rule still applies in the beer tents at Oktoberfest: the customer is king. Yet we have a civil officer to thank for the annual get-together of approximately six million visitors in such a cozy setting. Andreas Michael Dall’Armi, Member of the Bavarian National Guard, had the idea of celebrating a wedding a little differently for a change.

Prince Regent Ludwig of Bavaria, the later King Ludwig I, and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen were to be honored with a huge horse race. The financier and cavalry major shared his idea with King Max I Joseph of Bavaria who was impressed from the get-go. The couple were married on 12 October 1810 with the festivities taking place on 17 October on the grounds of Theresienwiese, to be later named after the bride, and featuring the exact horse race suggested. And even though there weren’t any beer tents or fairground rides at the time, it marked the birth of Oktoberfest. In 1824, Munich city awarded Andreas Michael Dall’Armi the first gold citizens medal for ‘inventing’ Oktoberfest. He is buried at Alter Südfriedhof cemetery and a street has been named after him in the neighborhood of Neuhausen-Nymphenburg.

In 1810, a year after the wedding celebrations, everyone was in agreement: We want more! Without the royal wedding, the festival naturally needed a new organizer and that became the ‘Landwirtschaftlicher Verein in Bayern’ [Bavarian agricultural association]. The newfound festivities created the perfect opportunity for the association to shine a spotlight on their own wares. As was notorious at the time, one big historical event followed after the other, which is why by 1813 the newly established Oktoberfest already had to be cancelled for the first time on account of the Napoleonic wars. After the war, Oktoberfest was financed privately until the city’s forefathers made the event a top priority in 1819. Even in the uppermost circles, the news had arrived that the Oktoberfest was guaranteed to draw a crowd, and that it would generate a wealth of revenue and should therefore be celebrated annually.

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