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The 2nd Edition of the Tanit Cultures Festival Starts this Week.

The Tanit Festival of Cultures started this Monday, 22nd, until 28 November of 2021. The festival is filled with a variety of conferences and an extensive, diversified and multicultural program during a whole week. Immerse in this unique concept to learn about the wide variety of cultural aspects of this gorgeous island of Fuerteventura, at the Casa de la Cultura of Puerto del Rosario.

This second edition, as an innovation, also promotes a series of complementary activities related to gastronomy and music that take place in the Plaza de La Paz.

“The celebration of this event for the second time contains a vibrant program that responds to the commitment that the municipal government team had undertaken to carry out, launching a cultural Festival of these characteristics that give continuity to the wide cultural offer that offer in our municipality.”

Mayor of the Island´s capital Puerto del Rosario – Juan Jiménez

Tanit Festival of Cultures is a meeting of three sections; a cultural one focused on a cycle of conferences given by first-level intellectuals, a gastronomic one including the Macaronesian Gastronomy, and an important musical part with undisputed groups, with African and Cuban sounds, from the environment of Macaronesia.

The Canary Islands are part of the Atlantic region known as Macaronesia (Fortunate Islands), which comprises the archipelagos of the Azores, Madeira, Salvajes, and Cape Verde, as well as a narrow coastal strip between Morocco and Mauritania. This group of archipelagos is characterized by their volcanic origin and share various natural and climatological features.

Ronaldo Menéndez, a Cuban writer based in Madrid, and Antonio Jiménez Morato, a literary critic, began the lectures with a conversation entitled ‘Proyecto del Pasado: escrituras de una Isla anclada’ (Project of the past: writings of an anchored island). With the two aspects reflected in work, which focuses on the Cuban problem: “previously, it was an attempt, through its literature, to make universal what is, in the end, a theme related to an island and a socio-political condition.”

Those interested in attending the series of conferences should register by emailing [email protected] or calling 928 85 94 40.

On Tuesday, 23 November, Antoni Castel, Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and author of the book Cape Verde, history, identity, and culture, will conference on ‘Cape Verde, a success story in Africa.

Manuel Hernández, Ph.D. in History from the University of La Laguna, will speak next Wednesday, the 24th, on ‘Canarian emigration to Cuba through history.’

And to end this cycle of conferences in the Casa de la Cultura, a talk on ‘Macaronesia, historical analysis of the biogeographical region’ will be given Wolfredo Wildpret de la Torre, Professor of Plant Biology at the University of La Laguna, and Victoria Eugenia Martín Osorio, Professor of Botany, Ecology and Plant Physiology at the University of La Laguna.


GastroTanit will showcase activities for delving deep into the gastronomic richness of Macaronesia, with the collective aim of reinforcing the local products of Fuerteventura. With the aim of achieving more significant participation in international gastronomy and increasing the development of the culinary culture Fuerteventura, GastroTanit promises us a week of travel through the diverse flavors by the different cultures of Macaronesia.

There is also Showcooking to learn recipes, techniques, and cultures through local produce and an area for cooking schools to showcase their creations. They are accompanied by live music, a total of 16 food stalls from the island’s best restaurateurs. To name but a few: Olivo Corso from El Cotillo, La Mamma Restaurant from Corralejo, La Jaira de Demian from Puerto del Rosario, El Pellizco from Morro jable

Gastronomy and Music go hand in hand; this new concept allows the traveler to become more involved in the culture of a place, and above all, involve the island’s residents, showing them the riches of the great Macaronesia.

“Cuisine feeds our soul, savoring the delicacies of history. And music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknown, heading straight for our hearts.”

Fuerteventura Times

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