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The Gift of Trust

On Building & Breaking it

If you often find it hard to trust someone, ask whether you are trusted enough first by others? You can only give what you have. Reflect on the number of people who you think trust you completely. It’s great if you have a significant amount, it’s great if you have none.

It is easy to fall into the trap of an epiphanic shock when one may discover that there aren’t many people who could be trusting them completely. However, it is also important to note that earning The Gift Of Trust is a human process learned through our own mistakes and experiences and by the learnings from observing others doing it right.

Nobody is born trustworthy or otherwise. A person’s trustworthiness comes from the character they have chosen to build from all the good and bad that they have experienced in life.

Besides, we are often advised not to trust people easily apparently for the good of our emotional well-being. Sometimes (many times often), if we have been unfortunate with The Gift of Trust (in giving or receiving), this advice is sadly honed to form a part of our strongly believed perception.

To trust people easily and being reciprocated: Wouldn’t that be much better for our emotional well-being instead?

Again, you can only give what you have.

Being worthy of receiving The Gift of Trust starts with yourself and accepting all the fallacies and beauties that lie within you. If one is more self-accepting, it reflects in their interactions and behavior with others because it helps them imbibe empathy and real strength, accept the other with their fallacies and beauties as well.

That ease established between two people is called trust. With this ease that we put other people in, how secure we make them feel with our presence, words, understanding, sincerity, and consistency is where we make ourselves worthy of receiving The Gift of Trust from another.

Be it in business, personal or everyday interactions.

The Gift of Trust is one of the most subtle, unspoken, and abstract communications held between two people that is exchanged when the two individuals are honest, unconditional, non-judgemental, and genuinealwayswith each other.

How can one make The Gift of Trust a two-way process?

To build the trust of a person, one needs to start by acknowledging and sharing one’s naked truths, secret confessions, or sincere vulnerabilities. The sharing of which in human perception demonstrates that you qualify and acknowledge the other person as trustworthy of receiving this crucial detail of your life.

This responsibility that you entrust the other person with your personal story builds the cycle of The Gift of Trust, starting from you. People often can be hesitant to share real, naked truths about themselves or their thoughts and disappointingly choose small talk over open conversations.

That’s where we all have an opportunity to shake the world in our little ways, choose honest, open, and real conversations over small talk and show those we interact with the graceful art of giving and receiving The Gift of Trust.

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