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The Meaning of Having Original Perspectives

When you float through your days, routines, and natural cycles, have you ever had the moment of reflecting on why you made a specific choice, why you did not go to someplace, why you did something despite not wanting to do it, or vice versa?

I am talking about the momentary pauses of intended reflections that coax you to question the core reasons behind your actions or the lack of them. And therefore, unveil the source of your thought—the foundation of your perspective.

It’s mindboggling that millions of people in the world operate on a daily level with a thinking that is not theirs. That is masked and accumulated with the dust of futile information overload, unimportant delving and streaming of other people’s stories, struggling with adherence to baseless expectations, a disturbingly false sense of self, and an extreme lack of courage to stand up for themselves. And the inability to have a perspective that is their own, not borrowed.

How can a world where people operate under the influence of borrowed perspectives, produce original breakthroughs of invention and evolution!

It is our quintessential duty as a human race; to rid our minds of the smut that the side effects of digitalization and technology have brought. And to strive individually, as well as collectively to make sure our actions and choices are led by perspectives that are sincere and our own.

What does it mean to have your perspective?

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1. To have one’s perspective means having the conscious awareness while performing a thought, action, or choice. The guiding force behind your decision-making comes from a clear deciphering of the situation by your intellect, understanding, and conclusion; without having any external influence clouding it at all.

It can be argued that one’s experiences and society at large shape the social construct and thinking of an individual. Therefore it can be practically impossible to ensure that one’s perspective is in entirety one’s own or whether or not it has traces of social influence, education, information, or expectations.

2. To have one’s own perspective means despite weighing all the available information, having the courage of analyzing it with empathy, goodwill and fairness while acknowledging that pre-concluded notions, assumptions, and beliefs about something can quite often be the result of misled, misinterpreted or ill-informed social stigmas, patterns, and fears. Or not.

3. To have one’s own perspective means humbling one’s knowledge and accepting the lack of it as well. For every pessimistic impossibility that is shunned, discarded, or disbelieved, there exist a billion possibilities of it being true in a different context.

4. To have one’s own perspective means releasing the borrowed ones and having the courage to stand up for your own thinking, even if you have to stand up alone. After all, original thought is the playground for the Brave!

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