Tirma Takes Chocolate Lovers on a Sensory Journey with Rosi Polín in Corralejo

Recently, the streets of Corralejo, the bustling resort town in the north of the magical island of Fuerteventura,  were filled with excitement as Tirma, a popular chocolate brand, organized a Pop-Up chocolate bath experience in collaboration with the video presenter of the channel Una Hora Menos Rosi Polín. The event involved the use of 2000 liters of pure chocolate and was a fun-filled experience for both children and adults alike, getting thrilled watching this completely unique experience ever. 

The event took place in the Calle Principal de Corralejo, where thousands of people had coincided on the same night for the festival las Americas- a one-day festival organized by the Ayuntamiento of la Oliva to celebrate the gastronomy, music, arts, and culture of South America, honoring all nationalities. This made it the perfect moment for this guerilla marketing genius idea of the Tirma brand, as thousands of tourists and residents were already on the main street.

Rosi Polin, the video presenter and host of the event, known for her passion and energy held the audience and helped in extravagant performance art and presentation of the event by immersing herself in the giant pool of chocolate, encouraging onlookers to participate and experience the pure chocolate ritual. The Pop-Up chocolate bath experience was an immersive experience that allowed participants to indulge in the purest chocolate while having fun and Rosi did a fantastic job at getting the crowds cheering for chocolate. The chocolate bath experience popping up in the middle of a busy tourist street also served as an opportunity for the brand to showcase its products and engage with customers on a personal level.

The event attracted a large crowd, including the presence of the Mayoress Pilar Gonzalez along with her right hand Marcelino Umpierrez who leads the culture and all the exciting events taking place in Corralejo at the Ayuntamiento of La Oliva.  The use of 2000 liters of pure chocolate was a sight to behold, and the aroma of chocolate filled the air, adding to the sensory experience of the event. The Pop-Up chocolate bath experience was a unique and memorable experience that will remain etched in the memories of those who participated.

Tirma, founded in 1941, is a confectionery brand that is a household name in every home in the Canary Islands, Spain. The Tirma factory is an 18,000 m2 building in Gran Canaria, where they centralize all their manufacturing and administrative activities. From the very beginning, Tirma has always bet on continuous scaling and renewal of its product range. They started with coffee roasting and the manufacturing of products like chocolate, cocoa powder, and wafers. Later on, candies and biscuits were incorporated.

By adding new technologies to their production processes and committing to producing quality products, Tirma has achieved a position of leadership in the Canary Islands. The brand is also globally recognized, as their wafers won the ‘Taste of the Year’ award in 2013.

This marketing campaign was perfect for the Tirma brand locally in Spain and also Tirma UK that caters to those who have fallen in love with Tirma’s products during a holiday in the Canary Islands. It also caters to those ‘chocolate-and-all-things-sweet’ lovers out there who are seeking a bite of paradise in the comfort of their homes. Tirma’s well-curated flavors and consistencies have been carefully crafted to have you ‘mmhh-ing’ and encapsulating all that is good in life!

In summary, the Pop-Up chocolate bath experience orchestrated by Tirma and Rosi Polín in Corralejo was a resounding triumph. This extraordinary and captivating event provided participants with an immersive and unparalleled indulgence in the world’s finest chocolate, all while having a splendid time. The event served as a perfect marketing campaign for Tirma, both locally in Spain and globally, as it appealed to ardent chocolate enthusiasts in search of a slice of paradise. Furthermore, the event afforded the brand an opportunity to engage with customers on a personal level, showcase their premium products, and establish a strong bond with their target audience.