Trace Yourself – New Electronic Music Album with Global Artists shot in Fuerteventura

Trace Yourself is a DNA  album  of Indian origin Sound composer Akanksha Krishnani-produced and supported by and during her time as an artist in residence at the emblematic  Fabrica Research Centre  in Italy. The album is a collaboration with six other electronic artists whose DNA was tested , then an algorithm was created for each artist to create a soundtrack on the basis of the results: it’s almost asking the question : What does your DNA sound like? The idea behind the album is to show different emotions and phases we as  humans go through and to highlight the fact that we are way more similar than we actually think and  nationalities, borders , confines are just labels created by society.  The album is shot entirely in Fuerteventura  over six chapters and will be released this Summer.

akanksha posing in Fuerteventura dunes for Trace Yourself Music Album

Akanksha Krishnani has composed soundtracks for brands like Bvlgari, United Nations, UK Climate Change committee and Deseos – Fuerteventura’s super app to name a few. You can listen and watch her work below.

1.  POWER HER CHOICES : An Initiative of United Nations

All women and girls have the right to decide freely whether and when to have children. Today, more than 214 million women lack access to modern contraceptives. In 2016, an estimated 770,000 girls, some as young as ten years old, became mothers, with devastating effects on their health and future. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, up to 25 per cent of all young women leave school because of unintended pregnancies.




The new serpenti collection of Bvlgari, that was to be launched and showcased a part of their ongoing series. Odette Pavlova mesmerizes and intrigues like a Serpenti goddess. She seductively attracts you to discover Bulgari’s SerpentiForm realm in Singapore, where Art, Jewelry and Design are coiled up by the powerful serpent sign. 

3. UK Climate Change Committee

New sound track for The Uk Climate Change Committee, rebranding by Templo, UK.  Read more about the project here


4.  Sound Installation- Mackerel Wonderland 

Sound track for the Taiwan Based Food Design Project  as Mackerel Wonderland is new face of Ming Yao , a local mackerel production company in Yilan with over half century fishery experience. The first temporary exhibition is. Where are the good mackerels?- Food Design Exhibition curated by UOVO Food Design team.

With small interactive and sensory journey, we welcome the visitor to perceive the surrounding as one of the mackerels. We design an experience with five thematic sectors, where you can collect information like selecting and buying fish in the market.Through this interaction, we encourage people to spend quality time for solid knowledge regarding sustainable fishery culture and be more conscious of food choices one made on a daily basis.


A Great Symphony For Torino is a new project developed by the orga- nizers of Club To Club Festival for British Council. Each composer was given sounds collected from different parts of the city of Torino to make it into a composition . 

5. Love in The times of a Pandemic

A special series of musical podcasts created for Fuerteventura Times.Taking you through a musical storytelling experience narrating stories of sweet and bitter love experienced by people around the world during the lockdown.

Check it out here 


7.  Performances across Europe and Asia. This video is from her last performance at Lago Film Festival in Italy

7. Akanksha’s previous music project Trapeze was also featured in Rolling Stone India



Akanksha was selected amongst 30,000 and more applicants to do a one-year residency in the Music and Sound Department of Fabrica Research Centre, who supported and pushed in getting this album to life that will finally be releasing this summer in Fuerteventura.

Follow her work : INSTAGRAM



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