Chapter 1

Aurora Elsher

Tomorrow Olivia and I are finally going on vacation to the beautiful canary islands, Fuerteventura. I’ve been waiting for this trip for so long. Olivia and I are going to have so much fun.

I can’t wait to get drunk with this girl and go on an adventure. It has been so long since we had fun. We are constantly working and don’t have time for fun anymore. But at least we work together, so we see each other every day.

I walk into the office with the biggest smile on my face since today is the last day before leaving for vacation. 

“Someone happy.” My boss said teasingly. 

I chuckle, “Don’t get me wrong; I love working for you, Matilda… But I need this vacation. And I’m grateful that you let us both go on this vacation.” I couldn’t hide my excitement while saying.

She smiled and shook her head, ” Have fun while you’re young, honey.” she said sweetly.

“Oh, we definitely will.” I winked at her as she chuckled.

I watched Olivia walk into the office with the same smile as I did, which made Matilda laugh, “Is it that bad working for me?” Matilda said with the following chuckle.

“I love working for you, but we sometimes need to run from our lives to somewhere else and clear our heads. That’s what this vacation is for, to forget our problems.” Olivia said.

Since kindergarten, my best friend, Olivia, has always been the smart one, and the vacation was her idea. She wants to cheer me up since my ex-boyfriend cheated on me a few months ago.

That’s probably the most heartbreaking breakup ever. We’ve been together for five years; I did everything for him, and I still wasn’t enough for him? Olivia didn’t like him from the beginning, she saw immediately that he was a lousy person, but I couldn’t see that because I was so in love.

I wish I could’ve seen earlier what a person he is because I ruined five years of my life for him. But since he is out of my life, I can breathe again and enjoy life.

That’s why I need this vacation so bad.

I want to forget the unforgettable.

I’ve been working for Matilda for two years as a barista, and Olivia works as a waitress. And I love my job. I love making coffee, and the customers are lovely; I always manage to put a smile on people’s faces because I can see how they come every morning all miserable, so I always try to brighten up their day. Which usually works.

I’m like a ray of sunshine in their darkest days.


Next day

We packed our things already yesterday, so we are ready to go. I’m so excited. 

“The taxi downstairs! Let’s go!” Olivia shouted from the living room.

“Coming!” I shouted back.

The one thing I’m afraid to fly. I never flew with a plane; I never left London. It will be my first time out of the country. The closer we get to the airport, the more anxious I get.

Olivia noticed that I’m anxious, “Relax, everything gonna be fine, don’t you worry, I’m gonna be next to you.” She said with a calm voice.

I let out a shaky breath, “Easy for you to say; at least you’ve been on the plane before.”

“Don’t you trust me?” she asked with puppy dog eyes.

“I do.” I sigh.

She smiled, “Good.”


We got through all the security checkups, and we are already sitting on the plane waiting to take off.

I bite my lip as my nails dig into my seat. I could feel the plane start to move, which made me grab Olivia’s hand and gasp quietly. She wrapped her fingers around my hand to calm me down, which helped. I closed my eyes and focused on my breathing.

“We are already in the air, sweetheart. Look through the window.” Olivia sweetly said.

I opened my eyes carefully, looking out the window, and I saw clouds below me; we are so high in the air I couldn’t even see the ground anymore, just a blanket of fluffy white clouds.

I smile because it looks so pretty.

“See? Wasn’t that bad, was it?” Olivia chuckled as I nodded.

And before I knew it, we had already landed on this beautiful island. As we got out of the plane, the warm wind hit our faces, making us very happy.

As we walked out of the airport, I bumped into something very hard as a wall, and I fell on my ass pretty hard. I looked up what it was, and my eyes locked with this tall, handsome man. 

It’s like we both froze, and neither of us talked. 

“Sorry.” I managed finally to say.

“You should be more careful.” He says, sounding quite pissed.

“I said I was sorry; what’s your problem?”

“You could run into some troubles.” He smiles arrogantly. I feel like a teacher is schooling me. I think that this man is in his early 30s, but he’s very strict.