A poster showing the landscape of the Canary Islands with the title "IA o EI"?

Unveiling the Extraordinary: IE Art Showcases Canarias’ Unique Landscapes through Artificial Intelligence

Three posters showing the landscapes of the Canary Islands with the title "IA o EI"?

In a captivating campaign aimed at attracting domestic travelers this summer, a groundbreaking initiative has taken flight in the breathtaking landscape of the Canary Islands. Through the power of cutting-edge technology, a robot brings to life vivid images ofthis extraordinary archipelago based on descriptions provided by followers of the brand on social media. This ephemeral exhibition in Madrid ́s Callao Gran Via intersection, aptly named IE Art (referring to “Exceptional Islands”), has been open to the public in July, immersing visitors in the singular beauty of the Canarian landscapes through a variety of interactive experiences.

To generate these real-time images created by Artificial Intelligence (AI), an application was launched on Instagram, specifically designed to allow the public to participate by submitting words that best symbolize their perception of the islands. Each idea served as inspiration for the AI to generate descriptive texts of the archipelago, which were then transformed into breathtaking images by the same AI.

This unprecedented initiative aims to showcase that in the Canarian paradise, reality surpasses fiction. It celebrates the authenticity and uniqueness of their landscapes, conveying the message that this destination offers places, sounds, and experiences that are truly exceptional and far beyond what AI can create. By connecting with audiences using the latest trends, the campaign captivates attention and amplifies the brand’s value.

Entrance to exhibition with a few people waiting in line and taking pictures

The IE Art space offers a range of activities to engage visitors, including an interactive game challenging participants to discern between real and AI-generated images of the islands. Additionally, a virtual photocall transports individuals to various picturesque scenes within the archipelago, allowing them to capture a memorable moment in the Canarian paradise.

Once again, through this innovative endeavor, the Canary Islands seize a strategic opportunity, harnessing the current topic of artificial intelligence and captivating audiences while bolstering the brand’s appeal.

Peninsular Tourism Takes Center Stage

This initiative is part of the “Exceptional Islands” campaign, aimed at promoting the uniqueidentity and spectacular diversity of the archipelago to attract national tourists during the summer season.

The “Exceptional Islands” campaign boasts a robust digital presence across radio and outdoor advertising, with the goal of enhancing brand visibility for the Canary Islands in the national market. Notably, the national market represents the third largest source of visitors to the Canaries.

Crowd inside the gallery

Peninsular visitors display remarkable loyalty to the destination, with seven out of every ten having previously explored the wonders of the Canaries. These travelers also spend more time outside their accommodations, averaging 9.6 hours compared to 7.4 hours for other nationalities, resulting in higher tourism expenditure distribution.

These tourists seek immersive experiences offered by the archipelago, enjoying the freedom to explore the islands independently, relishing the gastronomy and appreciating the natural spaces and outdoor activities. This positions the Canary Islands as a formidable competitorin the market.

As a prominent feature of the campaign, a collaborative art mural will be created by userst hemselves, expressing their opinions about the Canary Islands through the use of artificial intelligence. The mural will be painted by a robot and showcased in a pop-up store in Madrid’s vibrant Callao district throughout July. Visitors will have the opportunity to admire this masterpiece and immerse themselves in experiences that transport them to the captivating essence of the Canary Islands.

3 screens with a game of deciding whether the photo was taken in the Canary Islands or taken by AI. In the foreground, two women talking.

Furthermore, the media amplification for this campaign has been managed by the Initiative agency.

Creating these mesmerizing artificial images required the input and perception of numerous visitors who shared their thoughts on the islands through social media. These descriptions were then translated by AI using advanced tools such as Chat GPT and Stable Diffusion, the latter capable of creating high-quality digital images based on textual descriptions.

Elena González Vázquez de Parga, Director of Projects and Communication at Canary Islands Tourism, explained, “The landscapes of the Canary Islands are so exceptional that they could be mistaken for images created by any kind of artificial intelligence. With this initiative, we aim to highlight how, despite AI playing a revolutionary role in all sectors, including tourism, the reality of our environment and landscapes surpasses fiction.”

An Ephemeral Exhibition on Madrid's Iconic Gran Ví a

Under the banner of IE Art, these extraordinary images are brought to life in real-time through cutting-edge technology in a dedicated space located in the heart of Madrid, at Gran Vía 54. This new pop-up store is open to the public, inviting visitors to witness the extraordinary capabilities of artificial intelligence while experiencing the exceptional value of the Canary Islands through a range of captivating activations. Among them, the public will have the chance to participate in interactive games, challenging their ability to distinguish between AI-generated and real images of the Canarian landscapes, as well as engaging in other interactive activities.

A girl playing a game "IA o EI?" on big screen
The Soaring Popularity of Tourism in the Canary Islands

Through this initiative, the Canary Islands aim to promote their destination at a national level. To accommodate the influx of tourists expected during the upcoming summer months, the archipelago has significantly increased its air connectivity with the mainland, offering 3.5 million seats.

During the first five months of the year, the Canary Islands welcomed approximately seven million visitors, marking a 20.4% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. Tourism revenue has also experienced significant growth, reaching €5.353 billion in the first quarter of 2023, compared to €3.684 billion in the same period in 2022.

The allure of the Canarian paradise is undeniable, drawing in visitors who seek unparalleled experiences, captivating landscapes, and a myriad of outdoor activities. With this visionary campaign, the Canary Islands continue to captivate national and international audiences, positioning themselves as an exceptional and unforgettable travel destination.

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